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A vacation, or perhaps an afternoon break from the daily grind. People just trying to have a good time when, suddenly, through no fault of their own, they’re in the hospital. Not only is the vacation or day off ruined, but they now face a possible lifetime of pain.

The last thing people visiting amusement parks expect is a bad day. But in the event of an accident while at the park, it may be just one bad day after another – for the rest of their life. Thankfully, accidents at amusement and theme parks are not frequent. But with their infrequency also comes a general naivety of the laws regarding responsibility. Should you or a loved one become injured in an amusement park setting, you’ll need to have some facts.

First, it isn’t just amusement parks where accidents occur, but carnivals, state and county fairs, water parks, mall, zoos, aquariums, boardwalks, carnivals and birthday party venues, among other recreation centers, that are often the cause of such accidents. Every year, thousands of recreation venue related injuries occur in the United States. Usually, park owners and operators diligently operate these rides and endeavor to make the venues fun and safe, but people still become injured and are even killed.

Unfortunately, accidents are frequently caused by malfunctioning products and machinery; other times injuries are due to sheer negligence. Worse still, amusement park injuries are often unreported or underreported, making safety changes that could help prevent the next accident from being addressed. And when, like an airplane crash, the problem is one in a series of cascading events, the result can be horrible injuries or multiple losses of life.

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