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Types of Brain Injury

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What Types of Brain Injuries Exist? – Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, has many causes and are classified differently depending on the cause. For example, the direction, intensity, and duration of the trauma change the characteristics and severity of TBI.

Most injury is caused by a blow to the head. That blow can cause injury from normal bruising or internal bleeding or it can cause the brain to move too quickly inside the skull and cause damage that way.

The forces that cause the injury are separated into three categories:

  • Rotational
  • Angular
  • Shear
  • Translational

Violent impacts with the human skull are categorized in this way:

  • Contact Loading
  • Impact Loading
  • Noncontact or Inertial Loading

In an impact loading trauma, the skull is struck by either a stationary or a moving object with a certain amount of force. That force then sends a brutal shock wave through the skull and brain. That shock wave ends up being tissue damage. Obviously, if the shock penetrates the skull, it will not only affect the outside of the brain near the impact site, but will destroy tissue inside the brain as well.

Injury is typically different between a moving object that strikes the head and a moving head that strikes a fixed object.

Those differences are called:

  • Coup Injury
  • Countercoup Injury

In the case of a moving object striking the head, damage often is restricted to the area directly under the site of impact. That is called a Coup injury; a Countercoup injury is when, for example, a person suffers injury in a car accident. It is not simply the area where the skull impacted the vehicle, but the exact opposite side of the skull, where the brain slid forward and then quickly repositioned itself, in effect hitting the opposite side of the skull with severe force.

Greater detail on these topics will be discussed in other pages on this website. Understand, however, that most of these injuries are complex and will take time for the patient to fully recover, if full recovery is even possible.

It may make the road ahead quite difficult, both financially and emotionally. Fortunately, you may have recourse. Having an attorney with a focus in brain injury litigation is critical in providing you the financial compensation you deserve. You will not pay a thing unless you win your lawsuit. If you win or settle your lawsuit, The Doan Law Firm will charge a percentage of the compensation amount, leaving you free from the costs of the actual court case.

The Doan Law Firm can assist in determining damages owed you after a brain injury. The Doan Law Firm knows that although accidents don’t wait for daylight hours to happen. So we’re available to answer your phone contact us any time, day or night, at(800) 349-0000.

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