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Commercial 18-wheeler trucks are highly complex pieces of equipment. They are comprised of hundreds of parts, a combination of components that must be in prime condition in order for a big rig to function properly and safely. If a semi labors under a defective part, not only may the truck malfunction, the condition can cause an accident.

A defective part can be introduced into a semi in a number of different ways. It can be part of the original assembly process. A defective part can be added into a semi-truck as a replacement. A part can become defective through wear and tear and a failure of the owner or operator to perform proper inspections.

If you have learned, or fear, that a defective part in a semi-truck may have caused or contributed to an accident that involved you, a truck accident lawyer from The Doan Law Firm stands ready to assist you. Our nationwide law firm can be contacted right now by calling (800) 349-0000.

Responsible Parties in a Defective Part Truck Accident Injury Case

One key task for your truck accident injury attorney is ascertaining all of the parties responsible for causing or contributing to the accident. The starting point is likely to be the manufacturer of the part. In addition, any entity involved in the distribution of the part as well as the party that added the part to the vehicle will also be potential responsible parties. This could include the initial manufacturer of the semi-truck, depending on when the part was added.

Depending on the facts and circumstances at hand, the owner of the truck, or trucking company, may be a party deemed responsible for your injuries. The driver may also be held accountable. This can happen in one of two ways.

First, there are a considerable percentage of owners that also serve as operators of their trucks. Second, if the driver did not respond to a problem associated with a defective part in a reasonable manner, he or she might be included in the list of parties responsible for your injuries.

Compensation in a Defective Part Truck Accident Injury Case

The extent of compensation you may be able to seek and obtain in a defective part truck accident injury case depends largely on the underlying facts and circumstances. In addition, the nature and extent of your injuries come into play as well.

Our firm will fight to ensure that you obtain an appropriate financial recovery for injuries, damages, and losses that include:

  • pain and suffering
  • medical bills and expenses
  • mental anguish and emotional distress
  • permanent disfigurement
  • permanent disability
  • lost wages or salary
  • property loss or damage

A defective part truck accident lawyer from our firm will fight to ensure that you obtain not only compensation for your existing losses, but for those you reasonable can be expected to face in the future.

The Doan Law Firm Truck Accident Injury Attorney Fee Guarantee

The truck accident injury legal team at our firm understands your life changed dramatically after the collision with a big rig. We know that you do not need the added worry of paying an attorney at this point in your life.

The Doan Law firm provides you with an attorney fee guarantee. We charge you nothing in legal fees until we obtain a settlement or judgment for you. That is our 100% commitment to you.

Retain a Dedicated, Experienced Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

The first step you need to take to protect your legal rights in the aftermath of a commercial truck accident is to call The Doan Law Firm, any time of the day or night. Our truck accident injury hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. We are available on all major holidays.

You can schedule an initial consultation with a member of our truck accident injury legal team any time convenient for you. We are a nationwide law firm, with offices located across the United States. If it is more convenient for you, we can meet at your home. If you are still hospitalized, we can come to you. We can arrange a virtual consultation online.

During an initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer from our firm, you will receive an evaluation of your case. We will discuss strategies with you, tactics designed to optimize the compensation received in your case. We will provide you the answers you need to your questions. The Doan Law Firm charges no fee for an initial consultation with a truck accident lawyer from our legal team.

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