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Causes of Truck Accidents

Every truck accident is different and requires a thorough investigation to determine the cause behind it. However, there are certain common factors in many truck accidents in the country. In each truck accident, it must be determined who is at fault and therefore liable for damages. In some cases, there can be more than one cause to a single accident. It is extremely critical to seek the help of a high qualitytruck accident attorney who can ensure the proper investigations are done if needed, and is able to inform the jury in a compelling manner should the case go to trial. At The Doan Law Firm, P.C., we are prepared to aggressively pursue fair compensation for damages for our clients in truck accident cases.

According to studies that have been conducted by federal highway safety agencies and other investigators of accidents involving large tractor-trailer trucks, the following have been identified as major contributing factors in accidents in which an 18-wheeler was involved.

While there can be many causes of truck accidents, where truck driver or company negligence is involved, the accident may have included the following causes:

  • Driver fatigue and driver error

Tractor-trailer drivers are often on the road for days at a time and sleep is often not a priority when your job is on the line if you are late with a delivery. Even under the best of circumstances, drivers wind up trying to rest inside sleeper compartments of their trucks which are parked inside busy truck stops.

As is the case with any other driver, long distance truck drivers are prone to have slower reaction times and will have difficulty making split-second decisions. When confronted with having to drive in areas of high density traffic it is not surprising that many truck accidents occur during rush hour traffic.

  • Distracted driver

In addition to fatigue, over the road drivers can be subject to any number of distractions while maneuvering in and out of traffic. With the use of electronic trip logging and other communications technologies, distracted drivers may well become a leading factor in trucking accidents in the next few years.

  • Tire failure

Of all the components or systems on a big rig that are prone to sudden malfunction or failure, tire problems can be the most dramatic. Tire failures can cause a driver to lose control of his vehicle or ignite a fire under a trailer that could be filled with flammable cargo.

  • Brake failure

Due to the heavy loads that are carried on big rigs, regular mechanical brakes would become useless after less than a dozen stops and starts. After tires, brakes are the second-most common point of failure on an 18-wheeler and brake failure represents a major cause of trucking accidents, particularly in the western states where steep road grades are common.

  • Other equipment failure

Drivers of tractor-trailer rigs depend on the “running” lights of their trucks and trailers to seen by other drivers and to communicate their intentions to turn or change lanes with enough notice that other vehicle drivers can safely plan to make their own movements, Failure of the electrical system on 18-wheelers van not only disable vehicle lighting but can also shut down others safety features such as carbon monoxide detectors or alarm systems that alert the driver to possible tampering with the security systems that control access to their cargo areas.

  • Hazardous materials in cargo

There are numerous federal and state regulations that supposedly control what types of potentially hazardous materials may be transported in what types of vehicles. Even when these regulations are strictly followed, there will always be the chance that such materials will still result in a spill or accident.

  • Driver Negligence

The drivers are under extreme pressure to be on time, often receiving bonus amounts if they do arrive early or on time. This can contribute to drug use to stay alert, fatigue, and other hazardous conditions. The trucking industry is regulated by certain laws to deter these conditions, and if found to be the case, the driver or company will most likely be seen as negligent in the eyes of the law.

  • Commercial trucking firm negligence

Trucking firms have a legal duty to screen the drivers and make sure certain regulations are being followed. If these regulations are violated, the trucking firm may be assigned liability in the case.

  • Defective equipment or failure to operate equipment

This may include a number of issues and involves the driver of the truck or manufacturing company. In example, defective equipment can include defective tires which contributed to the accident. Driver failure to operate equipment may also result in a devastating truck accident.

No matter the causes behind an accident involving an 18-wheeler, such accidents are some of the most violent events that a professional accident investigator will encounter. As with other accidents where sudden deceleration and crush forces are encountered, reconstructing a big rig accident can be a challenge where one miscalculation can result in a large error in the final results of a reconstruction.

Those who have been injured in an accident involving a big rig and are considering a lawsuit against the trucking company that was involved, or who have had a family member injured or even killed in such an accident, are encouraged to contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss the facts of your potential case and to review your available legal options to receive compensation for your losses.

After an accident involving one of their tractor-trailer units trucking companies, and their insurance carriers, have only one goal: to limit the amount of money that they will lose when they settle a claim. If an insurance company is offering you what seems to be a generous settlement, you can be sure that they know that the real settlement value of your claim is much higher and that they are hoping that you aren’t being represented by a personal injury attorney.

Remember, the only way to protect your legal right to compensation for the injuries that you suffered in an 18-wheeler accident is to retain the services of a trucking accident attorney to manage your case!

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