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Find out how an Uber car crash lawyer from The Doan Law Firm can help with your injury claim

Attorney Jimmy Doan, the founder of the Doan Law Firm, P.C., uses his extensive knowledge of automobile accidents for the benefit of his rideshare injury clients. He has represented numerous auto accident victims and is now expanding his practice to include “ridesharing” accidents involving motor vehicles operated under contract by individuals using one “ridesharing applications” available from companies such as Uber. Mr. Doan is limiting his Uber personal injury practice to cases that are the result of negligence on the part of these “drivers/independent contractors” working under Uber’s corporate name.

After law school Mr. Doan worked for the District Attorney of Tarrant County (Texas), where he saw how a negligent driver could shatter a family physically and financially. As a result of his experiences at the Tarrant County DA, Mr. Doan founded his law firm for the purposes of assuring that anyone injured by a negligent or careless driver would have their right to compensation protected and that those responsible for such negligent injuries another would be forced to bear the cost of their carelessness.

Before you accept a settlement from Uber’s liability insurance carrier, Mr. Doan strongly recommends that you hire an experienced personal injury who will negotiate a fair and substantial settlement for injuries and other damages caused by Uber rideshare accidents.

Mr. Doan always takes an aggressive approach when negotiating with insurance carriers and with loss prevention departments of self-insured defendants. His years of experience in representing his clients’ personal injury cases have taught him that a tough, yet reasonable, negotiating strategy is the proper approach to winning the best possible settlement for every client.

Mr. Doan is ready to handle virtually any ridesharing accident case. Because the Doan Law Firm performs a complete review of all ridesharing accident claims, his clients can be assured they will receive the best legal representation in their Uber accident case.

Many of these ridesharing services have already developed a reputation for doing whatever it takes for them to avoid responsibility for the careless actions of their “independent contractor.” In some cases they appear to be lowering their selection standards for recruiting new drivers. While these actions may allow Uber to maintain its rapid expansion into newer markets, it can also lead to a situation where a choice must be made between the raw numbers of new drivers needed and the drivers’ skills and previous driving safety records.

If you were injured in an accident involving an Uber vehicle and driver, we invite you to contact Uber accident attorney Jimmy Doan to discuss the facts of your injury case and to review the legal options available to you for recovering fair compensation for your losses.

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