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The skin is the body’s largest organ. It performs a great many vital tasks including protecting body tissues and organs from contamination by bacteria and toxins, constantly collecting millions of sense messages and forwarding them to the brain and regulating body temperature. So many vessels and nerves are contained within the third level of skin, the hypodermis, when it is destroyed the area of third degree burn is generally numb. Since the hypodermis does not have the ability to regenerate itself, burns which destroy the hypodermis or tissue underneath it can cause permanent injury and scarring.

Scar tissue comes in different forms and can cause a number of on-going and sometimes painful problems which is one important reason that reconstructive surgery and skin grafts are used to help burn victims recover. Despite the best efforts of surgeons severe tissue damage can leave disfiguring scars and permanent disability. A knowledgeable Houston burn accident lawyer at our firm helps burn victims through conducting investigations into the circumstances of an accident to determine the sequence of events and the identity of the liable person or entity.

The medical care expense for the more severe burn may exceed the average medical insurance policy limits leaving the burn victim to carry the financial load. In the case of severe injury there are usually numerous additional expenses and future costs of ongoing treatment as well. Our firm feels a strong responsibility to ensure the liable party pays full compensation to our injured client including pain and suffering and possibly punitive damages. Call The Doan Law Firm, P.C. for a free consultation with a skilled Houston burn injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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