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Third Degree Burn Injury Attorney

Unfortunately fire and explosions can occur during car accidents. Fire is the most usual cause of burns but chemicals, hot liquids and gases, and high voltage electricity often cause devastating injuries. In accidents which involve more serious burns a victim may suffer a third degree or even more severe level of injury. Recovery from such burns can take a long time. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious burn injury it is crucial that you gain the assistance of a Houston catastrophic injury attorney with the expertise that comes from years of experience.

What is a third degree burn?

Burns are classified according to the layers of skin which have been affected. A third degree burn affects all the three layers of skin. The even more severe fourth degree burn destroys all three layers of skin as well as tissue below the skin such as muscle and bone. Very often the accidents which result in burn injuries are caused by someone’s carelessness or disregard for the safety of others.

The unfortunate victim can be left with devastating pain, permanent disability, possible disfigurement from burn scarring and a great deal of medical expense. A talented Houston burn accident lawyer with our firm is used to looking past the obvious during an investigation to determine the actual cause of such an accident. We work to ensure the liable party is held accountable and maximum compensation is recovered by our client.

Our legal team understands the challenges facing a burn victim as well as the entire family, and is always prepared to offer assistance. It is important that you select a competent Houston third degree burn injury lawyer who is interested in getting to the truth as well as ensuring you are fully compensated for your injuries. Call The Doan Law Firm, P.C. for a consultation and case evaluation.

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