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The Culture of Fraternity Hazing

The Challenge of Holding Parties Responsible for Fraternity Hazing Injuries

An unprecedented event occurred in 2018. The parents of 17 young men killed in fraternity hazing incidents came together to discuss what they can do as a group to protect young people in the Greek system on university campuses, and in other organizations, from brutal rituals that not only take lives but injury scores of young people every year. The fraternity hazing lawyer hotline at (800) 349-0000 can connect a person who desires information about legal rights with a qualified, experienced attorney.

One of the challenging aspects of asserting a person’s legal rights after a fraternity hazing injury is identifying and then holding all parties who contributed to the incident responsible for their conduct and the resulting injuries, damages, and losses. Indeed, the challenges associated with obtaining justice by holding all parties who contributed to fraternity hazing injuries underscores the vital need to retain the services of a skilled, experienced fraternity hazing attorney, like a member of the legal team from The Doan Law Firm.

The Reality of the Alleged Clampdown on Fraternity Hazing

Since the beginning of the 21st century, much ado has been made about clamping down on fraternity hazing. The administrations of colleges and universities continue to pronounce that they have taken or are taking major steps to bring fraternity hazing to an end. National fraternity organizations routinely release statements that they take a zero-tolerance approach to hazing by their chapters. Lawmakers have enacted legislation that purportedly is designed to reign in or stop hazing.

Despite all of this talk, and purported action, fraternity hazing continues – and do so in grand fashion. Simply, many question whether the so-called clampdown on fraternity hazing has done anything meaningful at all.

An alarming statistic is that since 2005, 77 young men have died in fraternity hazing deaths. In addition, hundreds of young men were injured because of fraternity hazing during this same time period, and oftentimes seriously so.

Holding Fraternity Hazing Injury Responsible Parties … Responsible

As mentioned a moment ago, a major challenge in the aftermath of a fraternity hazing injury or fraternity hazing death is identifying and bringing all responsible parties to justice. The stark reality is that a myriad of different parties may have contributed legally in some manner to the conduct or hazing that resulted in a pledge or another fraternity member (or even someone else) sustaining hazing injuries or even being killed.

The stark reality is that only a truly seasoned, experienced fraternity hazing attorney has the background, resources, and tenacity to bring all responsible parties to justice. Examples of potentially responsible parties include:

  • Fraternity chapter
  • Individual members of fraternity chapter
  • Fraternity chapter officers
  • National fraternity organization
  • College or university
  • Bar, nightclub, tavern, or other establishment

It’s Not Just Fraternities: Sorority Hazing and Sports Hazing

Although fraternity hazing appears to be more commonplace, and certainly garners the most media attention, other organizations and groups engage in hazing rituals that cause injuries and death. This includes sorority hazing, sports hazing, and hazing undertaken by other organizations on the college and even the high school level. A notorious case involving another type of organization was an insidious case of marching band hazing that hit the headlines in recent times.

These types of hazing also present similar problems when it comes to bringing all responsible parties to justice. You need a skilled, qualified personal injury attorney to ensure that all parties that contributed to injuries, including fatal injuries, are fully held responsible for sorority hazing, sports hazing, and other types of harmful hazing incidents.

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