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History of Fraternity Hazing

Achieving a Sense of Justice Following an Injury or Death with an Experienced Fraternity Hazing Lawyer

  • John Butler Groves.
  • Jonathan D. Torrance.
  • Mortimer N. Leggett.

As you read these names, you should be saying: “Who in the world are these people?”

This trio are the first reported cases of people killed in hazing incidents in the United States. No specific information exists as to precisely how John died. Jonathan was kept in a bed with soaked sheets for an extended period of time. He became ill as a result (likely with pneumonia) and died. Mortimer was taken by his fraternity brothers blindfolded into the woods. Being unable to see, he stumbled into a ravine, taking two of his fraternity brothers with him.

For almost two centuries, injuries and deaths by hazing have been recorded across the United States. As a Doan Law Firm fraternity hazing lawyer can advise, the heartbreak and losses caused by hazing have been tremendous. Indeed, you may know this yourself – having been the victim of hazing or having a loved one who died in a hazing incident.

21st Century Hazing: It’s Not Just a College Thing

When people consider hazing, they oftentimes think only of young men in fraternities. As will be discussed in a moment, female college and university students are subjected to dangerous hazing rituals as well. Additionally, hazing is not limited to the university scene. Hazing has become of significant problem among high school students as well.

Approximately 50 percent of all high school students in the United States report that they have been subjected to some type of hazing ritual. There are instances in which hazing and bullying are difficult to distinguish in a secondary school setting. Hazing is more ritualistic abuse and is associated with some type of academic advancement or team or club membership.

Examples of when hazing relatively commonly occurs in a high school setting include:

  • Reaching a particular grade level (like becoming a freshman in high school)
  • Becoming part of an athletic team
  • Joining a club or organization

Indeed, in the past couple of years, even seemingly safe groups like marching bands and choirs have members you reported brutal hazing rituals, including incidents that have resulted in the death of a student.

Female College Students and Hazing

As was referenced, dangerous and even deadly hazing rituals involve female college and university students as well. The Health Research Funding organization reports that male and female college and university students are subject to hazing at equal rates. The primary distinction appears to be that fraternities tend to engage in more inherently dangerous hazing activities than do sororities.

Most Common Hazardous Hazing Practices

When it comes to examining the most common hazing practices, a fraternity hazing lawyer is likely to say “just when you think you heard everything.” The truth is that every year there is some “new” type of hazing practice.

Understanding that hazing will continue to surprise in regard to form, there are more commonplace hazing practices that include consuming inordinate and dangerous amounts of alcohol. Other more common hazardous hazing practices include dangerous physical activities, harmful psychological endeavors, and criminal conduct.

Banning Hazing Hasn’t Eliminated Hazing

By the turn of the 21st century, lawmakers and educational administrators have been seemingly aggressive in taking steps to ban hazing. Sadly, in the overall analysis, these so-called bans arguably haven’t been worth much at all. Hazing, and resulting injuries and deaths, continue apace.

Protecting Legal Rights Following Hazing

If you’ve been physically or emotionally injured as the result of hazing, or if you have lost a so or daughter because of hazardous hazing, you need understand what you can (and must) do to protect your important legal rights and obtain at least some semblance of justice. The fraternity hazing lawyer legal team at The Doan Law Firm at (800) 349-0000 stands ready to assist you and protect your rights.

We are a nationwide law firm that represents clients victimized by hazing from coast to coast. These include hazing cases involving both male and female students as well as students in high school and college.

You can easily schedule an appointment with a fraternity hazing lawyer to discuss your case without any expense or obligation on your part. We have offices located across the country. We can also schedule a virtual consultation online.

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