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Each time you or a motorcycle enthusiast dear to you put on your helmet before taking off on a ride on your bike, you should feel secure knowing that your helmet will function correctly and protect you in case of a fall or accident. However, this does not always happen unfortunately. In fact, annually in the United States, thousands of people suffer injuries from defective or malfunctioning products such as motorcycle helmets. Faulty helmets can precipitate a bevy of brain, neck and spine injuries that can be potentially devastating financially and emotionally for victims and their families.

Know that should you or someone dear to you experience injury in a motorcycle accident because of a faulty helmet, under law you may be able to receive compensation for your pain. The attorneys at the Doan Law Firm understand the complexities regarding product liability law and the opportunities for motorcycle enthusiasts. The legal firm has accumulated decades of experience in helping victims receive the maximum compensation they deserve for their injuries based on Texas law.

Should you or someone close to you be involved in an accident involving a potential product liability claim, the compassionate team of lawyers at Doan Law Firm can help you. Assisting Texas motorcyclists for decades throughout the state, our team of attorneys possesses the expertise, dedication and ingenuity to ensure you receive the highest compensation you are eligible for by law.

Background of Defective Product Law

It is unknown to most people that federal and local legislation exists to ensure the rights of consumers from faulty products which make manufacturing firms legally liable for injuries sustained by such items. These laws are traditionally referred to as product liability laws. Beyond defective motorcycle helmets, these laws extend to cover a variety of consumer products such as faulty seat belts, tires, child car seats, airbags, pharmaceutical products, children’s toys, medical devices, sporting goods such as fitness equipment and firearms as well as many domestic appliances like ovens and refrigerators.

Often these injuries stem from a defect in delight, manufacturing failing or poor labeling that does not feature requisite safety warnings or instructions. It is important to understand that product liability law entrusts the burden of proof to the one injured in the event. In other words, he or she faces the burden of providing evidence that illustrates a direct link from the product failure and the physical injuries suffered. In many cases, it can be challenging to show this causal relationship without an experienced attorney on your team.

Health Risks Related to Faulty Helmets

A faulty helmet can have serious implications for a victim in a motorcycle accident. In some cases, motorcyclists experience severe brain, neck and/or spine injuries that may preclude them from working again, thereby making them utterly dependent on loved ones. This presents a set of very difficult challenges both medically and financially for the victim and the family. It should be noted that many symptoms related to brain and/or neck injuries do not show themselves until after the damage has reached an acute level.

These forms of injury stemming from a faulty helmet may undermine the cognitive, physical and psychological capabilities of a victim, including their physical stature, mental acuity and overall disposition. Heightened risk for memory loss, seizure, stroke, internal bleeding, mental retardation, uncontrolled bodily functions, speech loss may occur. In more serious cases related to injury, victims experience complications such as impotence, gastrointestinal failure, blood clots, pneumonia, loss of strength, bladder control, chronic pain, spasms as well as paraplegia and quadriplegia.

Paralysis precipitating from paraplegia or quadriplegia can be extremely costly for victims and their families. Paraplegia constitutes a state of paralysis for a victim’s lower extremities marked by an injury that has occurred on the spine’s lower vertebrae. Quadriplegia, in contrast, involves paralysis of all four extremities, whereby injury has occurred at the upper vertebrae of the spine. In both cases, the victim will require a tremendous amount of emotional, psychological, medical and financial support to help them through the rest of their life.

Potential Financial Burden

The health conditions illustrated above that may result from a faulty motorcycle helmet can cost the family and support network of victims millions of dollars over time, especially if the victim is disabled can no longer work. The affiliated costs related to in-home nursing care, treatment, rehabilitation facilities and home rehab, transportation or skilled nursing home care, medication and/or medical equipment, given the needs of the victim, can be overwhelming for most families. It’s important to note that victims of these types of accidents and their loved ones in the past have endured significant financial challenges and at times have been forced into bankruptcy due to the costs associated with these types of medical costs and income loss.

Nevertheless, be confident that Doan Law Firm fully understands the financial burden related to these types of accidents and injuries and what they mean for a family. It is essential that you legally protect yourself immediately, based on the potential risks associated with these types of accidents. Our team of lawyers have invested decades in Texas in winning claims such as these in the state to help motorcycle enthusiasts receive the maximum compensation under the law.

The Doan Law Firm

The attorneys of the Doan Law Firm collaborate seamlessly with a specialized group of professionals to determine the present and future needs of our clients to maintain their livelihood and those they may now be compelled to care for following a terrible motorcycle accident. We work with trained professionals in healthcare, engineering, design, finance, rehabilitation and traffic and collision studies to develop the most compelling case for your needs. We work tirelessly to make sure you win the highest compensation you are entitled to by the state of Texas.

Our seasoned product liability attorneys possess the experience, expertise, and dedication to leverage decades of legal insight to guarantee you maximum results. The Doan Law Firm will fight vigorously for your case to make sure you and your family are compensated fully for managing this new chapter in your lives.

Ultimately, if you or someone dear to you is involved in a product liability case, contact us immediately to ensure you receive the maximum protection and compensation under the law. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and we will begin to develop a strategy for your claim at no cost to you. Rest assured that all of our services are provided on contingency so that you will not have to pay for any of our services unless we win your case.

Available at any time for a free phone consultation, the Doan Law Firm is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Know again that you will never have to pay any fees unless the firm is successful in securing compensation for your claim. The Doan Law Firm has been recognized as number 1 in Texas for our customer service, while receiving coverage and praise on various major media channels like FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and Univision. The firm has location based throughout the state of Texas, making it easy for you to reach us regardless of your location. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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