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Severe Burns Affect Motorcycle Crash Victims for Life

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The potential for many types of injury is high when a motorcycle crashes. Near 5,000 motorcycle riders are killed every year on the highways and side roads all across the United States. Over 88,000 suffer injuries, many serious and life-changing. While broken bones, concussion, spinal injuries, road rash and lacerations all occur in motorcycle crashes, severe burns are another horrifying result of these accidents.

Anyone who suffers severe burns in a motorcycle crash needs immediate and ongoing medical attention, caring support and a team of dedicated attorneys who will go after all the compensation they deserve.

How Do Severe Burns Happen in Motorcycle Crashes?

Unlike cars and trucks that have layers of metal between the driver and the hot engine, motorcycle riders have the engine right between their legs. These engines can heat up to over 200 degrees. In an accident, the bike can fall over on the driver or be twisted around in such a way that brings the hot engine or exhaust system in contact with the skin. These burns can be quite severe if the motorcycle or the rider is not moved immediately.

A more common cause of burns in motorcycle crashes is burning fuel or oil that spills from the vehicle from a ruptured gas tank or engine system. It can also come from other vehicles involved in the accident. When the hot engine or sparks thrown up by the friction of the bike grinding across the roadway meet the gasoline, fire erupts. This can result in even more severe burns over a greater portion of the motorcycle operator’s body.

What is the Recovery Process Like for Severe Burn Victims?

Severe burns damage not only the layers of skin that were exposed to the heat and fire, but also the underlying muscles and other body systems. The severity is measured in degrees:

  • First degree – Redness and pain on the surface layers of skin
  • Second degree – Redness, blistering and damage to deeper layers of skin that usually results in scar formation.
  • Third degree – All layers of skin and flesh is damaged. Nerve damage, destruction of hair follicles and extensive scarring result.

Recovery differs based on the type of burns received. Third degree severe burns require immediate and long term medical attention, but anyone who is burned in a motorcycle crash deserves compensation for the trauma and injury they experience. The Doan Law Firm has experience with these cases and will fight to make sure you get all treatment and support necessary to regain your health.

There are four major steps in burn care. First, the motorcycle crash victim is rushed to the emergency room and their vital signs are stabilized. Fluid is given and antibiotics may be started. Full evaluation and cleaning of the burns commences.

Next, surgery and medical procedures are done to remove skin damaged beyond repair and to close open wounds. Skin grafts are attached as necessary. This process can take weeks or even months depending on the severity of the burn.

Even after all the surgery and grafting is done, a long period of cosmetic surgeries, rehabilitation and reconstruction occur to give the person involved in the motorcycle crash the most favorable results possible.

The entire process involves extreme amounts of pain as dressings are changed, tissue is massaged and treated to prevent extreme scarring and damaged flesh is worked to maintain as much mobility as possible. Victims who have someone at their side through the whole process have better results.

The physical pain involves is just the beginning. Many severe burn victims have acute mental and emotional trauma associated with the motorcycle crash and subsequent injuries. They may be facing a long and painful recovery, loss of their job and savings as the medical bills mount. During a long-term hospitalization, relationships can suffer as well. Scarring and emotional changes may drive away family and friends, leaving the motorcycle crash survivor even more damaged.

What are the Long-Term Costs of Crashes That Include Burn Injuries?

Hospitalization, nursing care, rehabilitation, pain and other medications and long-term care can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $500,000 and more. The severity and coverage of the burn, as well as the location on the body, determine the cost of recovery more than anything else. While insurance may cover some of the hospital costs, it may take a struggle to get them to pay what the patient is due. The right personal injury attorney can take that extra burden off your shoulders at a time when your main focus should be on getting well.

Recovery, however, is not full in most cases. There is no end-date where life magically returns to the way it is before. People who suffer burns can be affected for life and will need physical therapy, skin graft surgery, reconstruction and plastic surgery for years after the motorcycle crash.

Add psychological counseling, therapy, possibly medication and treatment for depression and PTSD, and the costs go up even more. Some burn victims will need home health aides to assist them with everyday activities.

Even if the medical and psychological costs are covered, there is still job and income loss to worry about. One motorcycle crash in which the rider suffers severe burns can completely change a life forever.

Riding a motorcycle requires strict attention, precision, great eye-hand coordination and a keen attention to safety. When something goes wrong and the worst possible thing happens, it is important to have people on your side to help. The battle to return to normalcy after suffering severe burns is difficult enough without worrying about medical costs, long-term care and emotional trauma. Hand some of the heavy load to a professional legal team with the knowledge and know-how to get the best possible outcome in accident and injury cases.

If you have suffered severe burns in a motorcycle crash, the experienced attorneys at The Doan Law Firm may be able to help you receive compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, trauma and more. We are open 24/7 for free phone consultations. Our goal is complete satisfaction for our clients and we never accept any fees unless we win. Contact us today to get started!

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