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Motorcycle Tragedies: The Devastation of Losing Limbs

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If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Texas that has claimed one or more of your limbs, you are indeed due for some financial compensation. Losing a limb is something that is never easy to get adjusted to. The devastation that losing limbs causes and the physical and emotional pain that ensues will never be able to be quelled by anything but time, however, you deserve to be rightfully compensated for your terrible loss.

The Ghost Of A Limb

Any time anyone is injured in a motorcycle accident, it can certainly be tragic. One of the most horrific types of conclusions that can come from an accident, however, is the loss of a limb. When you lose a limb, you are truly losing a part of yourself.

There are many ways that the loss of a limb could occur in a motorcycle accident. The fact that when riding a motorcycle, you are more exposed to the outside world than someone in a car, automatically makes a motorcyclist a prime candidate for limb loss. The brute force of another car hitting someone’s leg, or the weight of one’s own bike, can cause a limb to have the need to amputated. Depending on the amount of tissue damage that ensued, the limb can sometimes be saved. Unfortunately, many limbs that have been gravely injured need to be completely removed, however.

Understandably, many people do not know how to cope with not having a limb that has been attached to their body their whole life. The adjustment period can take people months and often time, years. The damage to the human body from losing a limb does not stop at the physical level. The emotional state of a person that has suffered the loss of a limb is compromised to a great extent as well.

According to Virtual Medical Centre, between fifty and eighty percent of all amputees experience what is called “phantom syndrome”. Phantom syndrome is the phenomenon of the affected person feeling as though the removed limb is still attached to the body. The constant reminder of a limb that was lost to a fateful accident will further the probability of therapy needed to emotionally cope with the loss.

A Slippery Slope

When someone has lost a limb, unlike many other injuries, the complete loss of a limb has a higher instance of complications. Depending on if a limb was completely severed at the time of impact when the motorcycle accident occurred, significant blood loss that leads to major health problems is imminent. When an entire limb is lost, the amount of blood loss can be devastating to the human body. Complications as serious as organ failure can be possible from an event that causes so much trauma.

If the amputee managed to not have any horrific complications in lieu of actually losing the limb due to blood loss, then they are not out of the woods yet, so to speak. The risk for infection during the early days of recovery is quite high. As time goes one, the risk of infection decreases, however, there is a long and arduous road ahead of them.

The first phase for a recovering amputee lasts about five years. During those five years, the limb will shrink in size. Prosthetics will need to be adjusted all throughout this period, as the limb will regularly be changing sizes.

As time fades into the second phase of recovery, amputees will find that they no longer need to change prosthetic limbs as often, however, depending on their lifestyle, more regular changes may be necessary.

The third and final phase of physical recovery is considered the time in the healing process where there will be not much of a need at all for further prosthetic adjustments. An amputee can try and lead the most normal life they can at this point.

A Loss Greater Than Meets The Eye

The physical and emotional realms are not the only areas that experience significant loss. When recovering from a lost limb, there will be great financial loss, and missed time from a person’s regular schedule.

Medical bills will certainly rack up sky high, and according to CostHelper Health, those bills from the procedure of amputating a limb alone, costs anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 dollars. In addition to the initial cost, prosthetics can range upwards of 40,000 dollars and more.

While someone who is recovering from an amputation will not only be at a loss financially, they will have missed out on so many things that they used to love and became adjusted to doing. Time at work will be lost, time spent playing sports, and family activities. Certain things money will never be able to buy back. Losing a limb can be one of the most devastating experiences one could ever face.

Regardless Of The How And Why Questions

How and why an accident occurred can leave people pondering for years to come. Sometimes it was the negligence of another person. All too often people are not paying attention to the road and are text messaging on their cell phones or doing another myriad of things.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 56 out of every 100,000 motorcyclists were involved in a fatal crash, compared to only 9 out of every 100,000 passenger car drivers. Thankfully, someone who lost a limb still has the gift of life, however, that frightening statistic goes to show the higher incidence of motorcyclists being involved in accidents versus other vehicles.

No matter what the reason for the accident, if you were involved in a motorcycle accident that left you with a limb less on your body, you need to contact us, The Doan Law Firm, as soon as possible.

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