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Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

Injured in an accident with a delivery truck?

A collision with a commercial vehicle may increase the chances of injury due to its size and weight. These vehicles are common on the streets and roads in all states, delivering goods to the residents and businesses in the area. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a delivery truck, it is crucial that you get legal help from a Houston truck accident lawyer at once. While the most important factor of an accident should be on recovery of the injured, we cannot overlook the fact that dealing with a commercial trucking firm and their insurance carrier is an urgent matter, as it is likely that the medical costs are going to be very high.

Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

The complexities involved in claims with commercial insurance companies can spiral out of control, with confusing forms, interviews and settlement offers that may not even cover the medical costs. The victim and their family may be left with far less compensation than what they are actually due if they accept such a settlement offer. The injured party may be unaware they are losing certain types of compensation for damages, merely due to a lack of skilled legal representation protecting their best interests.

Delivery truck drivers have a duty to preserve the safety of those around them. However, often they are under extreme pressure to deliver on time. When pressure to deliver on time causes a driver to become negligent in his actions regarding other drivers or pedestrians, an accident is often the result. It is advised that if you have been involved in a delivery truck accident that you take swift action. A Houston delivery truck accident attorney can advise you as what options you have.

Pressure to be on time, compounded with the frequent travel in urban and residential areas could result in a serious injury accident.

The types of injuries which may result from a delivery truck accident include the following:

  • fractures
  • spinal injury
  • brain injury
  • back and neck injury
  • loss of limb
  • wrongful death

If a delivery truck driver has broken a law in order to deliver packages or goods swiftly, the company which hired the driver may be held liable for your family’s compensation. It is important to enlist the help of a qualified Houston delivery truck accident lawyer from The Doan Law Firm, P.C. in such cases. Time may be of the essence in your Houston delivery truck accident case, and it is critical that you move quickly regarding your claim for compensation for damages.

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