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Underride Accident Cases

Underride Accident Injury Attorney

There are accidents that are specific to the trucking industry due to the high center of gravity, heavy weight and extended length of large 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and semis. The injuries received in trucking accidents can be severe but underride type accidents usually result in deaths to drivers and front seat passengers in other motor vehicles involved in the collision. A family member with significant injuries or one faced with the loss of a loved one should contact a Houston trucking accident attorney for legal guidance as to the steps to take following a terrible underride accident involving a truck.

The lawyers at The Doan Law Firm have devoted themselves to gathering information about trucking accidents making them more effective when representing clients who have experienced injuries or losses due to underride accidents and other types of trucking accidents. We have the resources necessary to represent clients and protect their best interests and rights to receive maximum compensation for injuries and suffering from an underride accident.

About Underride Accidents and Compensation Claims

The specific accident that qualifies it as an underride type occurs when a vehicle slides partially or fully under a truck and shears off the top part of the underneath vehicle. Injuries are usually catastrophic with the most common being decapitation to the vehicle driver and front seat passengers. Other injuries to victims can include spinal cord injuries, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and internal organ damage. Due to the terrible consequences of underride accidents, government agencies started requiring truck cabs to lengthen the surface of cab extending it closer to the ground.

The idea was to block a vehicle from getting into an underride situation. Most underride accidents involve the side of a vehicle and the front of a cab and the safety guard helps to lower the incidents of underride accidents. There are still millions of trucks on the roads, without the additional safety feature, that cause many underride accidents. An underride accident is not limited to an impact with a cab but may involve impact with another portion of a truck. It is important to speak with a truck accident lawyer following an accident that involves underriding, as seriousness of the injuries normally associated with that type of collision.

Insurance companies often attempt to assign fault to others and try to settle for less than an injury is worth. An underride accident due to negligence or reckless by a truck driver may result in an issue of liability. The responsible parties may be liable to the victims for loss of earnings, medical costs, pain and suffering and loss of companionship. Make an appointment today for a consultation with an experienced lawyer knowledgeable in underride accident cases.

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