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Jackknife Accidents and Injuries

The current estimate is that over one million semis, 18-wheelers, and tractor-trailers share the roadways with other motor vehicles and motorcycles. Common accidents that involve trucks are head-on, rear-end, side impact or T-Bone, rollover, underride, and jackknife. Trucks that have a high center of gravity, weigh up to 80,000 pounds and 75 feet long are difficult to control and maneuver in an emergency while driving. Any accidents with trucks can be terrible collisions that result in serious injuries or deaths to the occupants of other vehicles.

Injuries can include broken or crushed bones, amputations, burns, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal organ damage, coma or death. Victims or their families should contact a truck accident attorney for legal assistance following a trucking accident that resulted in injuries or death. The Doan Law Firm has dedicated itself to gathering information regarding trucking accidents, their causes, and prevention in order to provide their best representation to clients injured in all types of trucking accidents. Jackknife accidents are specific and it takes research and knowledge to understand that type of accident.

About Jackknife Trucking Accidents

A jackknife is a particular kind of accident that occurs when the trailer moves faster than the truck cab and swings around to the front while still connected to the cab. Contributing factors to a jackknife accident can be extreme braking or loss of tire traction when roads are slippery from rain or ice. A jackknife accident can be a horrific accident because the trailer can wipe out anything in its path as it moves around to a right angle to the truck cab.

A jackknife accident takes up a wide area and can block and snarl traffic for hours during the investigation and clean up. The trucking companies and truck drivers are required to follow specific governmental regulations. Insurance coverage that they carry is higher than normal because of the potential for serious injuries and deaths as well as extensive property damage. Following a trucking accident, an insurance company will send adjusters to investigate the circumstances of the accident and the amount of damages.

Often they attempt to minimize injuries, reassign fault to others and offer settlement for as little as possible to protect the insurance company. It is best to have representation from an experienced attorney who can review a jackknife accident case and deal with insurance companies while protecting the rights and best interests of clients. Many accident victims are eligible for additional monetary compensation and forfeit their rights upon settling a claim. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a qualified attorney from our firm.

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