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What Do You Do In An Intersection Crash That Is Not Your Fault?

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Intersection crashes are some of the most frightening for drivers, and you may not know which way is up after the crash. You are certain that the crash was not your fault, and the aftermath of the crash will involve a police report. A police officer will determine who was at fault in the crash, and witnesses will help corroborate your statement to the police, but you need assistance when there is no clear way to prove you were not at fault. The other driver may claim you were driving improperly, or the other driver may vanish.

#1: What Is The Law?

The law clearly states that you must stay at the scene of any accident where you are involved, and anyone who leaves the scene of an accident will be cited. The police are willing to search for a driver who left the scene of your accident, but it helps to have a witness who can help you identify the other driver.

You must remain at the scene of the accident to give your statement to the police, and you will need the police report when you file a claim with your insurance company. The other driver may offer their insurance information, and a police report will help track down someone who does not have insurance. Your lawyer can help you understand how liable the other driver is in the accident, and a police officer can be called to the testify to the nature of the accident.

#2: What Causes Intersection Accidents?

Intersection accidents are caused when the other driver is distracted in some way. Drivers may run red lights, miss stop signs or miss a direction from a traffic officer. The other driver clearly had no idea that you would be in the intersection, and the driver likely had no business being in the intersection. You were driving normally, and you were caught off-guard by someone who was not paying attention.

Intersection accidents that are not your fault can be prevented by diligence on your part. There are times when you would never see the other car coming, but there are other instances when you can see that another driver does not know what to do at the intersection. Your diligence will help you avoid accidents that are not your fault, and you can prevent an awkward situation from occurring that you could have stopped.

#3: How Is The Other Driver At Fault?

The other driver involved in your accident can be cited for a number of things during an intersection accident. Distracted driving could be a charge used when the other driver is eating, leaning over the passenger seat or talking to a passenger in the back of their car. A police officer will determine which charge to cite, and the police report will show what the other driver was charged with.

Texting and driving is a serious offense that will be levied against a distracted driver who was on their phone just before your crash. Some states do not permit the use of a cell phone at any time on the road, and the other driver may be charged with talking on a cell phone while driving. You are not responsible for the charges that are filed, but you must keep your eyes open for people who are looking down or talking on the phone on the road. Anyone who seems distracted can be very dangerous to drive near.

#4: Injuries During The Crash

Injuries from an intersection accident could be fairly minute like bruises and cuts, or you could be so badly injured that you must be taken to the hospital. Broken bones, contusions and head injuries are serious, and you must recover funds from the other driver after the accident. Someone who was at fault in an accident is responsible for your suffering, and you may have years of surgeries and procedures to go through.

Your injuries must be taken seriously, and even small injuries require payment for pain and suffering. Lawsuits filed against the other driver will include the nature of your injuries, and you will have an opportunity to speak to what the accident has done to you. The other driver was not paying attention when they hit you, and your injuries are a real hindrance to you and your family.

#5: How Can The Doan Law Firm Help You?

The immediate aftermath of an intersection crash can be confusing, and you may end up in the hospital because of your injuries. The Doan Law Firm is capable of obtaining the police report, finding the other driver and determining how much suffering you have gone through. This process is difficult for you to complete on your own, and the lawyers in the office will complete an investigation on your behalf.

The Doan Law Firm will file a lawsuit to recover damages from the other driver, and any trouble with the insurance company will be handled by a lawyer. Insurance companies are only interested in paying small amounts of money for claims, and you deserve to have your claim paid properly. A lawyer from the Doan Law Firm will help you recover funds from the insurance company to help you recover.

Disability benefits may become a priority when you are injured in a crash. You may not be able to go back to work, and a lawyer from the Doan Law Firm will help you complete your disability claims in court. Your application and claims hearing require the assistance of a trained attorney, and you will receive the funds you deserve after being hurt badly in a crash.

The Doan Law Firm is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to take calls on your behalf. You may have been involved in a crash that has stolen days of work, money out of your pocket and possibly your ability to move. Doan Law Firm is here to help you recover what is rightfully yours after a crash at an intersection. Contact us today!

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