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Trolley Accident Injures Several

Trolley riders in downtown San Diego were injured when a U.S. postal service van slammed into the trolley on which they were riding at the intersection of G Street and Park Boulevard, with several sustaining minor injuries. No major injuries were sustained from the crash, but two people are known to have experienced some minor bruises and bumps, reports say. One woman who was standing up was knocked down and a man in a wheelchair hit his head against the window. …

24 Victims in Train-Trolley Crash

Nine people were killed and 15 injured when a train smashed into a trolley which had stopped at an unmanned railway crossing near Shivrajpur, India last month. Police have launched a manhunt for the driver of the trolley, who is now accused and under investigation for the accidental deaths of all of those aboard the trolley. The driver’s house has been searched, but he has not yet been found, reports say. The incident took place when a train travelling from…

College Students Deaths Raise Concerns

A spate of student injuries at Boston College has the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority under fire. The investigation started in April with an auto accident that involved an MBTA trolley and some members of the Boston College hockey team. The investigation has essentially cleared the students of wrongdoing, but the information uncovered has left the MBTA looking for answers.  The students were not at fault in the incident that became the focus of national media scrutiny. The accident occurred when…

Pedestrian Hurt by Drunk Driver

A woman who was struck by an allegedly drunk driver while walking on the sidewalk is expected to survive an accident that could have been fatal, reports say. Reports say 50-year-old Brian Campbell is accused of hitting Megan Smith in Carlsbad, Ca after too many alcoholic beverages. The man, who is currently in police custody, allegedly struck the pedestrian in Carlsbad while driving drunk, departed the scene, and crashed his pickup truck while trying to flee from police. Campbell hit…

Ollie The Trolley Crashes, Injures 15

Ollie The Trolley, a specialized bus that tours Downtown Omaha, Nebraska, was a participant in a major accident last month. The crash, which took place on Florence Boulevard and Cass Street, in Omaha, happened when a driver of a Chevy Blazer, driven by Lois Rasmussen, hit the trolley carrying Campfire USA kids on a field trip.  Most of the children were injured, reports say. And those not hospitalized were shaken up. In all, paramedics took 14 kids and one adult to…

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