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Tips to Stay Safe and Prevent Spring Break Personal Injury

Spring break is upon us and there are a number of safety tips and practices you need to bear in mind while heading out for spring break.The stark reality is that people have been sustaining personal injury during spring break long before we’ve been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. As a consequence, you need to be aware of some of the most commonplace accidents that result in spring break personal break personal injury. You also need to familiarize yourself with…

Toddler’s Hot Tub Drowning Called Accidental

St. Joseph, , police have ruled a hotel hot tub drowning of a three-year-old boy and accident, as indicated from a recent autopsy performed on the boy. The death of Parker James Wilson, who died earlier this month that occurred while Parker was visiting St. Joseph’s Ramada Inn Monkey Cove Water Park with his grandparents and siblings, The accident occurred while the grandfather was watching two other children at a water slide . When he noticed that Parker had slid…

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