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Passenger Bus, Out-of-control Semi Collide in New Mexico

Passenger Bus, Out-of-control Semi Collide in New Mexico Early reports say 7 bus passengers dead, dozens injured Seven people are reported dead, and at least a dozen more have been seriously injured, after a refrigerated tractor-trailer rig carrying produce and a passenger bus collided in rural New Mexico. Initial reports state that, in addition to the bus and the semi, a pickup truck and an automobile may have been involved as well but those reports have yet to be confirmed….

Catastrophic Scaffolding Accident Kills Two Near Walt Disney World Resort

Since its opening in 1971, Disney World has been a magical place for incomparable vacations for people from all walks of life, including hundreds of thousands of families through the years. As sometimes happens in life, the idyllic existence of Disney World was upended when a horrific accident occurred at a resort hotel construction site not far from the expansive Disney properties. Three workers were involved with pouring concrete seven stories above the ground just after four in the morning….

Oklahoma Supreme Court Overturns Part of State’s Workers’ Compensation Act

At the heart of each state’s Workers’ Compensation statute is the doctrine that an employer cannot be sued by an employee claiming that the employer’s negligence was the cause of a worker’s injury. This allows an injured worker an almost-immediate access to medical and income protection benefits, but also protects the employer against being the target of a liability lawsuit each time a worker is injured. However, there have been occasions in which a state legislature, in its eagerness to…

Four Fraternities Threaten to Leave WVU

Frats plan to become off-campus independent organizations Earlier this month (August 2018) West Virginia University (WVU) President Gordon Gee notified WVU students, and their parents, of “dissident fraternities” that were planning to give up their status as WVU-recognized fraternities but would instead continue operations from off-campus locations as “independent organizations.” The fraternities’ planned relocations were apparently triggered by the imposition of new campus-wide academic standards and restrictions on fraternity social activities that became effective at the beginning of the new…

Davidson High School (Mobile, AL) Football Hazing Update

In a previous post on our website, we reported on the injuries sustained by 14-year-old Rodney Kim Jr, a freshman at Davidson High School in Mobile, AL. In that post we noted that Rodney’s parents, Rodney Senior and Mary Kim, stated that they had received private communications from other student-athletes, former employees at Davidson High, and a “whistleblower” connected to Davidson High School, stating that the “beatdown” endured by young Rodney was not an isolated incident but it was just…

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