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Nursing Home Nurse Impregnates Woman in Vegetative State

Nathan Sutherland was a nurse at a Hacienda Healthcare center located in Phoenix, Arizona. One of his charges at the skilled care facility was woman in a persistent vegetative state. The resident was in a vegetative state as the result of a near-drowning accident. The defenseless resident ended up being raped multiple times by Sutherland. The woman ended up pregnant as the result of being sexually assaulted by the nurse. After the resident was impregnated by the Hacienda Healthcare nurse,…

Louisiana Revokes Multiple Nursing Home Licenses as a Result of Hurricane Ida Deaths

The state of Louisiana has revoked the licenses of multiple nursing homes owned by the same individual in the aftermath of hurricane Ida. The seven nursing homes subject to license suspension are all owned and operated by Bob Dean. As a result of what is now being described as reckless and inappropriate conduct by Dean, seven nursing home residences of the Dean nursing homes died after being “evacuated” from the facilities. According to Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health…

Four Shocking Facts About Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

When people think of nursing home abuse, they commonly have egregious conduct in mind that includes: Physical abuse Financial abuse Mental abuse Emotional abuse What they do not tend to contemplate is nursing home sexual abuse. People from all walks of life understandably cannot imagine a situation in which a predator would be so depraved as to sexually abuse a vulnerable nursing home resident. The grim reality is that nursing home sexual abuse occurs with alarming frequency across the United…

Seven Signs that a Loved One is a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Sadly, nursing home abuse and neglect is alarmingly commonplace across the United States. Another stark reality is that in nearly all cases, a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect is unable to effectively advocate for his or her self. As a consequence, taking action in regard to nursing home abuse or neglect falls into the hands of family members and other loved ones of an individual who has been or is being victimized in this matter. Seven signs indicative…

Abuse and Neglect Run Rampant at Behavioral Health Facilities

Cases involving abuse and neglect at behavioral health facilities are alarmingly widespread in their rate of occurrence and appalling in their circumstances. While nursing home abuse and neglect does garner media and public attention with some regularity, far less attention is paid to the horrors that do occur behind the doors of behavioral health facilities. A detailed report on behavioral health facility abuse and neglect was presented to the West Virginia Legislature in May 2021. While the report to the…

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