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Examining the 5 Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

As our family and loved ones get older, it may be necessary for them to receive a level of care few people are able to provide on their own in this day and age. In most instances that care can be found in a good nursing home, at a recommend assisted living facility or with a highly-regarded caregiver. It is important, in issues related to your loved ones, to take certain precautions to help ensure the facility at which your loved one will be staying is capable of providing him or her with the utmost care and respect. Keep in mind that even with the most well-intended efforts, there is no way to completely guarantee your loved one will not fall victim to elder abuse.

By being aware of these 5 warning signs of elder abuse, you may be able to protect your loved one from having to endure unnecessary pain and suffering.

  • If you notice inexplicable bruising or there is a case of broken bones, it is important to inquire as to how it happened. In some cases it may simply be that your loved one, in his or her old age, lost balance and fell, but there is a point regarding careful supervision. If you sense an unwillingness to talk about the injury or you feel excuses are being made about how the injury occurred, that may be a warning sign that your loved one is being physically abused.
  • Acting in a reclusive or unsocial manner, refusing to talk, avoiding eye contact, becoming withdrawn, acting skittish or nervous around certain people, and more are all telltale signs that your loved one may be suffering from emotional abuse.
  • If your loved one has had a sudden change of personality, seems aggressive or agitated, has become timid or shy for no apparent reason, or is making odd sexual connotations, there is good reason to suspect sexual abuse.
  • Suffering from sudden and dramatic weight loss, showing signs of dehydration or malnutrition, evidence of bed sores, unattended physical or medical needs, unsafe living conditions, an unsanitary living environment or lack of good hygiene, could all be signs that your loved one is being neglected by the individual of facility charged with his or her care.
  • If you notice unexplained withdrawals of funds from your loved one’s bank account, or credit cards are suddenly being opened in his or her name, your loved one may be the victim of financial abuse. If people you are unfamiliar with have been added as signatories or beneficiaries, items of value have begun to disappear from your loved one’s home, you are paying for a certain level of care but the care being provided does not meet that standard, or any other signs of financial irregularities or theft, you should suspect financial abuse.

It is important in these types of cases to have an experienced lawyer on your side who will be able to help to gather sufficient evidence, build a solid case, and provide you with the aggressive representation you need to protect the interests and rights of your loved one. Failing to take immediate action could result in your loved one suffering even further physical, emotional and financial pain. Contact The Doan Law Firm, P.C. today and schedule to meet with a Houston injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. Time is of the essence due to the frail health of many elderly persons.

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