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California Authorities Permit Violent Sexual Predator to Job-Hop Between Nursing Homes

The California Department of Public Health, CDPH, utterly failed to protect vulnerable nursing home residents in the San Diego area. The CDPH is the state agency responsible for protecting nursing home residents from abuse, including sexual assault. Despite multiple reports of a certified nursing assistant committing sexual assault at San Diego nursing homes, the CDPH allowed the perpetrated of nursing home abuse to job-hop from one skilled care facility to another for years. Certified nursing assistant Matthew Fluckiger was reported…

The Insidious Problem of Conservatorship Abuse in the United States

A new documentary entitled Framing Britney Spears has focused attention not only on her specific situation but on conservatorship abuse more broadly. Thanks to this documentary, a spotlight is being focused on what has been a generally obscured and yet insidious problem with conservatorship abuse across the United States. Case of Brittney Spears A recent and widely watched documentary calls into question the conservatorship that was put in place some years ago in regard to entertainer Brittney Spears and her…

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: Two Dozen Residents of Georgia Nursing Home Dead as a Result of Improper Care

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, infections of different types have been major issues at nursing homes in the United States. With alarming regularity, residents of nursing homes die from preventable infections that arise as a result of negligent care. Indeed, the number of people who dies each year as the result of nursing home abuse and neglect persistently is alarming. Shocking news reports have been coming out of metro-Atlanta during the past week about the Westbury Nursing Home in Conyers,…

Examining the 5 Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

As our family and loved ones get older, it may be necessary for them to receive a level of care few people are able to provide on their own in this day and age. In most instances that care can be found in a good nursing home, at a recommend assisted living facility or with a highly-regarded caregiver. It is important, in issues related to your loved ones, to take certain precautions to help ensure the facility at which your…

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