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Niagara Falls Industrial Accident: Worker Caught in Large Roller Machine

In a Niagara Falls industrial accident on Friday night, a worker at the Cascade Plant was crushed in a massive that feeds paper through machinery. CPR was performed at the scene after the worker was extracted from the massive equipment. He was taken to Erie County Medical Center where the man’s condition is listed as critical but stable. The name of the worker has not been released to the public nor the media pending notification of family members. Thus far…

Who Do I Sue in a Truck Accident?

In most circumstances, an employer will be liable for the negligence of an employee. In many accidents involving a commercial vehicle such as big truck, the question frequently arises of whether the truck’s owner is liable for the actions of an employee. In general terms the answer to this question is “yes,” although there can be some variation from state to state. In today’s post, our personal injury accident lawyer explains the legal doctrine known asrespondeat superior and how this…

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