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Return to the Air, Return to the Road, Back to Hotels: Common Hotel Accidents Resulting in Injury

A considerable percentage of the U.S. population enjoys traveling. Additionally, historically there has been a significant segment of the working world that traveled for business. There was a significant pause and reduction in pleasure and business travel over the course of the past year. With the spring of 2021, an increase in travel is being seen. This trend is expected to continue as more people become vaccinated against COVID-19. With increased travel comes more and more people spending time in…

Tips to Stay Safe and Prevent Spring Break Personal Injury

Spring break is upon us and there are a number of safety tips and practices you need to bear in mind while heading out for spring break.The stark reality is that people have been sustaining personal injury during spring break long before we’ve been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. As a consequence, you need to be aware of some of the most commonplace accidents that result in spring break personal break personal injury. You also need to familiarize yourself with…

Be Aware: Understand the Most Commonplace Summertime Injuries

Be Aware:Understand the Most Commonplace Summertime Injuries Even though COVID-19 stay at home directives loom over most the United States, there is increasing talk – even among acclaimed infectious disease specialists – that we are likely to begin seeing easing of the isolation orders associated with the coronavirus pandemic within coming weeks. In other words, odds are growing a bit stronger every day that most people in the United States will be able to engage in certain activities typically associated…

Meat Loaf Files Lawsuit Claiming Permanent Injuries after Fall at Dallas Area Hotel

Meat Loaf Files Lawsuit Claiming Permanent Injuries after Fall at Dallas Area Hotel According to iconic singer Meat Loaf, he no longer can move like a “bat out of hell.” Indeed, if Meat Loaf is to be believed, he can’t even sing following a mishap at a Dallas Hotel in which he fell off a stage at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport during a question and answer session at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in May 2019. Meat Loaf is the…

Tis the Season to be Shopping

Injuries and Deaths Peak in Stores, Boutiques, and Malls During Holiday Season Beginning with the mad rush on Black Friday, the shopping peak of the year has arrived. The winter holiday season is to be a time for celebrating. However, for some truly unfortunate people, the holidays are marred because of an accident that occurred while out and about shopping for the season. Injuries in stores and other retail locations (including restaurants) spike upward this time of year – and…

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