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Missouri Amtrak Derailment Called Mass Casualty Event

An Amtrak train experienced a catastrophic derailment early Thursday afternoon which is being classified as a possible mass casualty event. The entire Amtrak train, carrying about 250 passengers, was completely upended in a collision with a cement truck that blocked the railway tracks. The seemingly deadly Missouri Amtrak derailment occurred in the western part of the Show Me state in Chariton County. A mass casualty event typically involves a minimum of six people killed in a single incident like this…

Five Facts About Dry Drowning

If you are like most people, you are familiar with “wet drowning.” In basic terms, wet drowning occurs when a person inhales water for one reason or another. In other words, a person gets water into their lungs. Dry drowning is a different situation. Many people are not aware dry drowning exists. Moreover, those that know it exists likely do not really understand what is involved with dry drowning. There are five facts that you are wise to understand about…

4-Year-Old Drowns in Texas City Apartment Complex

A 4-year-old child lost her life in a Texas City apartment complex drowning accident. First responders were called to the Terrances Apartments at about 9:00 p.m. on the night of the fatal incident. Official information about the fatal Texas City child drowning accident remains scant at this time. The significant uncertainty begins with the question of whether any adults were at the pool at the time the child entered the water and drowned. Typically, apartment complex swimming pools do not…

46 University of New Hampshire Fraternity Members Charged with Hazing Crimes

46 members of the University of New Hampshire Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity are being sought for arrest by law enforcement officials in Durham. The 46 men are being sought by law enforcement after being charged with crimes arising out of fraternity hazing. At the present time, no specific information regarding what types of fraternity hazing occurred in regard to pledges of the University of New Hampshire Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter. The university itself is said to have learned to the…

Unanswered Questions Abound Following Explosion at Freeport LNG Export Terminal

A myriad of questions remains unanswered following an explosion at the Freeport LNG Export Terminal early Wednesday afternoon. Located on Quintana Island in Upper Texas, the Freeport LNG Export Terminal produced about 2 billion cubic feet of liquified natural gas daily prior to the blast. A Look at Questions Associated with Freeport LNG Export Terminal Explosion Unanswered questions arising from the Freeport LNG Export Terminal explosion as of midafternoon on the day of the blast include: Were any injuries sustained…

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