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Accident Prompts Gel Candle Warning

After a 14-year-old Long Island, New York boy was hospitalized following an accident with a gel candle, the makers of the product issued a recall, reports say. Reports say the youngster, Michael Hubbard, poured scented candle gel into a lit candle when the fire ignited the gel and the bottle exploded. The explosion left him with third-degree burns over almost half his body, and fighting for his life. His mother, Nancy Reyer, was also injured while she extinguished the boy….

Booster Seat Recall Expanded

A recall involving some 400,000 Circo Child Booster Seats has been issued as of May, 2011, reports say. Reports say the seat has a restraint buckle that may open unexpectedly, allowing a child to fall from the chair and be injured. To date, Target has received 10 additional reports of booster seat buckles opening unexpectedly, including three reports of bumps and/or bruises when a child fell forward out of the booster seat and hit either an object or the floor….

Epilepsy Drugs May Cause Pregnancy Complications

Reports say a study appearing in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that nearly 200 women with epilepsy involved in the study were more likely to experience pregnancy complications compared to women who did not have the disorder, with nearly eight-percent suffering from severe preeclampsia, compared to less than 3 percent of women who did not take the drugs. The study also suggests that epileptic women taking the medications were also twice as likely to have labor induced…

Texas Rangers Fan Dies Trying to Catch Ball

A Texas Rangers fan died after falling while trying to catch a baseball during a game, reports say. The man, listed as Shannon Stone, a 39-year-old firefighter from Brownwood, died at a hospital earlier this month, reports say. Stone was stretching for a ball that was thrown into the stands during a Texas Rangers game by All-Star outfielder Josh Hamilton during the second inning of a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland A’s in Arlington, Texas. While…

Austin Hotel Closed After Another Falling Glass Accident

Austin’s W Hotel closed after glass fell from balcony panels of the building the second straight day and the third time in the past few weeks, reports say. The hotel was closed as the glass panels were replaced, and guests of the hotel were being relocated to other hotels. The company that operates the W, ” Stratus Properties, is planning on replacing every piece of balcony glass on the building, reports say. Ironically, the glass fell from the balcony the…

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