Texas Rangers Fan Dies Trying to Catch Ball

A Texas Rangers fan died after falling while trying to catch a baseball during a game, reports say.

The man, listed as Shannon Stone, a 39-year-old firefighter from Brownwood, died at a hospital earlier this month, reports say.

Stone was stretching for a ball that was thrown into the stands during a Texas Rangers game by All-Star outfielder Josh Hamilton during the second inning of a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland A's in Arlington, Texas.

While at the game with his young son, he reached for a ball and fell, but was conscious and reasonably alert afterward. He fell headfirst through a gap between the seats and the 14-foot-high outfield wall; the area is out of sight of the field.

As he was transported by ambulance, he was pronounced dead at a Fort Worth hospital less than an hour later.

President George W. Bush, once the Ranger's managing general partner, was sitting in the front row near the Texas dugout when the accident happened. He was apparently unaware of the accident until later.

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