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Are You Required to Have a CDL to Drive a School Bus in Texas?

School bus drivers in Texas are required to obtain their commercial driver’s license (CDL) before they can transport passengers on these vehicles. However, there is some confusion about what type of CDL bus drivers actually need. In this state, school bus drivers need a Class B commercial driver’s license. Here, we want to examine the difference between the classes of CDLs and discuss the process prospective school bus drivers must go through before they are allowed to transport passengers. Understanding…

Students Injured in Catastrophic School Bus Accident

More details are emerging about a catastrophic Chicago school bus accident that occurred over the weekend. According to investigators, the junior varsity hockey team from Chicago’s Saint Ignatius College Prep High School were across the border in Indiana for a tournament. The 23 students, two coaches, and bus driver were on their way back to their hotel at about 8:00 p.m. Saturday night when the Chicago school bus accident occurred. Semi-Truck Driver Reported for Erratic Driving Before Chicago School Bus…

Semi-Truck Accident Injures 16 Chicago High School Students

Connect with a Doan Law Firm Illinois School Bus Accident Lawyer by Calling (312) 967-0000 A semi-truck accident critically injured three Chicago high school students, In addition, 13 other people were also injured when a semi-truck slammed into the school bus. A total of 26 people were on the Chicago high school bus when the catastrophic semi-truck accident occurred. The included 23 students who on the St. Ignatius College Prep high school hockey team, two coaches, and the bus driver….

Virginia School Bus Accident Injures Four Children

A Virginia school bus accident injured four children and one adult. The bus was from the Chesterfield County Public Schools transport fleet. This Virginia bus accident occurred just before 4:00 p.m. on Hull Road in Chesterfield County. A 1997 Ford F-150 was traveling on the roadway near the school bus prior to the accident. For reasons not yet known or at least made public, the driver of the pickup truck ran off the road. When that occurred, the driver of…

Nine Killed in Catastrophic West Texas Bus Accident

A catastrophic West Texas bus accident has claimed the lives of at least nine people Tuesday night. The accident involved a University of the Southwest bus carrying that school’s men’s and women’s golf teams and their coach. There was a total of nine people on the university bus at the time of a head-on collision with a pickup truck. Six of the eight students on the bus were killed. The coach also lost his life. The other two students onboard…

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