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Understanding Assumption of Risk in Texas

The legal doctrine of assumption of risk in Texas refers to the principle that an individual who voluntarily engages in a potentially dangerous activity assumes the inherent risks associated with that activity, or at least some portion of that inherent risk. Under this doctrine, a person injured while participating in such an activity may be barred from recovering damages from the party responsible for the activity or the premises where it occurred. The assumption of risk doctrine includes a number…

What is the Concept of “Strict Product Liability?”

Strict product liability is a legal doctrine that holds manufacturers and sellers responsible for any defects in their products that cause harm to consumers, regardless of fault. Under strict product liability, a plaintiff can seek compensation for injuries or damages caused by a defective product without having to prove negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of the manufacturer or seller. The doctrine of strict liability is not widely available in the U.S. legal system. In considering the doctrine of…

Suburban Chicago Tent Collapse Injures 26 People, Five Seriously

A suburban Chicago tent collapse has had devastating consequences. Cintas Uniform Services was in the midst of what evidently was an employee appreciation event during the morning of September 14, 2023. An unknown number of Cintas employees and others were gathered under a massive tent when it partially collapsed, for reasons yet to be identified. The tent had been struck in the company’s parking lot. At least 26 people were injured as a result of the collapse, at least five…

Will Car Insurance Policies Cover Accidents on Private Property?

Texas car insurance policies typically cover accidents that occur on public roads and highways, but coverage for accidents on private property may vary.  Some Texas automobile insurance policies may include coverage for accidents on private property, while others may specifically exclude such coverage. A car accident attorney in Houston can help you determine what damages may be applicable in your case. Exclusion of Coverage for Texas Automobile Accidents on Private Property Some car insurance policies may have provisions that specifically…

What are Loss of Use Damages?

If you find yourself the victim of a car accident, you may be in a position to claim what are known as loss of use damages. The reality is that there is oftentimes a considerable amount of confusion among car accident victims of what exactly are loss of use damages. In this article, we provide an overview about these types of losses in the aftermath of a crash. A Houston car accident attorney can help you determine what damages may…

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