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Four Victims of Astroworld Festival Disaster Named

Danish Baig. John Hilgert. Franco Patino. Brianna Rodriguez. In the aftermath of a mass casualty event like the Astroworld Festival, the sheer number of deceased and injured victims can prove overwhelming. Behind the numbers from the Astroworld Festival are eight young people who’ve tragically lost their lives. All of the individuals who suffered fatal injuries at the tragic concert at Houston NRG Park are in their 20s or teens. Three of those who lost their lives at Astroworld Festival have…

Nine Home Safety Tips for Your Kids

As a parent, you undoubtedly spend a considerable amount of time worrying about the safety of your children. You expect school administrators to maintain a reasonably safe environment for your children when they are at school. You expect the families of your children’s friends to keep their own homes safe as well. There are 10 home safety tips you need to bear in mind when it comes to keeping children protected in your own residence. Implement Proper Pool Safety If…

Six Most Dangerous Items Found in Schools

A tremendous amount of attention has been paid to school safety and the coronavirus as the new educational term begins this fall. There is no doubt that proper steps must be taken to keep children safe from the contagious disease while they are in school. The reality is that there are other types of items that can be hazardous to our children while they are in school. Six items that are most hazardous when it comes to students and which…

Young Girls Killed in Freak Hammock Accident

Three sisters were enjoying a lazy afternoon in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, when tragedy struck. Two of the sisters were relaxing on a hammock tethered to a tree and a brick pillars at their family home. The girls were 14 and 12. Their younger sister was playing nearby. While enjoying the hammock, the brick pillar suddenly collapsed for reasons yet to be identified by investigators. The pair of siblings on the hammock were immediately buried under the rubble from the collapsed…

Be Aware: Understand the Most Commonplace Summertime Injuries

Be Aware:Understand the Most Commonplace Summertime Injuries Even though COVID-19 stay at home directives loom over most the United States, there is increasing talk – even among acclaimed infectious disease specialists – that we are likely to begin seeing easing of the isolation orders associated with the coronavirus pandemic within coming weeks. In other words, odds are growing a bit stronger every day that most people in the United States will be able to engage in certain activities typically associated…

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