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Protecting the Public from Catastrophic Semi-Truck Accidents with Technology

Big-Rig Cab Cameras, Brain Wave Monitoring, and Holding Trucking Companies Responsible Over 15 million semi-trucks lumber across U.S. roadways at this juncture in time. In the most recent year a full set of statistical data is available, over 4,100 people were killed in semi-truck accidents. 116,000 injury accidents occurred that year. A large majority of killed or injured men, women, and children were drivers of automobiles and passengers that were involved in collisions with massive semi-trucks. The typical person who…

Car Driver Short Term Memory Loss Leaves Motorcyclists at Greater Risk on the Road

Distracted Driving and Immediate Memory Loss Ups Rate of Biker Deaths Between 4,300 to 4,800 motorcyclists are killed annually in accidents across the United States. Thousands more sustain injuries in bike accidents, including highly serious and even debilitating injuries. A considerable percentage of these accidents involve automobile drivers colliding with bikers. Of that number, an alarming number of motorcyclists are killed or injured at intersections when car drivers without the right of way collide with bikers. These are some of…

Electric Scooters Wreak Havoc on City Sidewalks Across the U.S.A.

Electric Scooter Accidents Involving Innocent People Dramatically Rise Over the past 18 months, electric scooters have appeared in cities across the United States in droves. The number of companies placing electric scooters into major and mid-size U.S. cities tops over two dozen and is growing. Even rideshare companies like Lyft have gotten into the act. While electric scooters have become increasingly popular, generally with the younger set, the dangers associated with these devices is becoming apparent and extensive. Significantly, injuries…

“Total Devastation” – Deadly Gas Propane Explosion Levels Building in Farmington, Maine

The day started like any other for the staff and clients who utilize a building in Farmington, Maine, recently opened by a local organization to assist people with developmental and other special needs. Because the building only recently went into use, it was not yet fully occupied. Unfortunately, an experienced gas explosion attorney and other professionals sadly report that this type of disastrous event in Farmington is alarming commonplace across the United States. At about 8:00 a.m. on Monday, September…

“Vaping” and Lung Disease

The CDC is tracking reports of lung disease that may be related use of e-cigarettes and other “vaping products.” In this post our defective products injury lawyer describes the symptoms of this disease and offers suggestions for those who believe they may have been made ill bu using these products.

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