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California Oil Spill Threatens Businesses, Fishermen

Over144,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California, closing beaches and threatening marine and other wildlife. In addition, the most recent oil spill along the California shoreline presents the possibility of dire consequences for coastal commercial fishers as well as a myriad of business that rely upon tourism for their trade and livelihood. Cause and Containment of the California Oil Spill Not only are ocean waters murky as a result of the…

Am I Eligible to File a BP Oil Spill Claim?

If you or your business has suffered loss or damage caused by the BP oil spill, you still have time to file a claim. As part of the BP settlement, the company will be held financially liable for all eligible claims. This means that even claims which were previously denied may be eligible under the new settlement. People who have had their properties damaged, their livelihood impacted, or have lost significant profits as a result of the BP oil spill,…

Offshore Drilling Affected By Gulf Coast Oil Spill

As the BP oil spill moves onto the shore of the Gulf Coast, it’s clear that there is one victim bigger than all the rest: new drilling operators. With the Gulf oil slick a few miles away from the mighty Mississippi River Delta Friday, residents from Louisiana to Florida are seeing the possibility of banned fishing, oily beaches, closed harbors, a destroyed coastline and devastated livelihoods. All of those people in affected areas make federal government plans to increase offshore…

BP Pledges To Pay Full Cost of Cleanup

BP has publicly pledged to pay for the cleanup of the oil spill that’s still pumping some 200,000 gallons a day into the Gulf of Mexico, just south of the Louisiana coastline. But some experts say that the amount of the actual payout can vary dramatically. Based on what happens with the still-spreading slick and some maritime laws, the amount of money and to whom it will pay the money is far from clear. Estimates to both clean the spill…

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