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Dead Zones USA:

Top Cancerous Air Pollution Areas in the United States An extensive analysis has identified over 1,000 communities in the United States that are classified as hotspots for carcinogenic or cancer-causing air pollution. These sites suffer from carcinogenic air pollution as the result of leaks from industrial facilities of different types. There are some key facts derived from the dead zone report: Five of the top 20 carcinogenic hot spots in the country are located in the state of Texas Three…

Ford Motor Company Plant Gas Leak Releases Benzene into Community Sewer System

High levels of benzene have been found in the Flat Rock, Michigan, sewer system following a gas leak from a Ford Motor Company plant in that community. The Ford plant gas leak has resulted in the evacuation of many residents of the community with a population of 10,000. EPA on the Scene of the Ford Plant Hazardous Chemical Discharge The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been called in to monitor air, soil, and water quality. According to Ford and representatives…

Officials Monitor Air and Water Quality Following Huge Channelview Chemical Plant Accident

In the aftermath of the massive Channelview chemical plant accident, Harris County and State of Texas environmental officials are intensely monitoring air and water quality in the area surrounding the K-Solv facility. A huge fire erupted at the K-Solv chemical plant on Wednesday afternoon. When the blaze ignited, a mammoth, thick, black plume of smoke rose above the K-Solv plant and began to spread over Harris County. The exact cause of the Channelview chemical plant accident is not yet known….

Massive K-Solv Chemical Plant Fire Rages Out of Control in Channelview

A massive K-Solv chemical plant fire has been raging out of control for a couple of hours in Channelview in Harris County. According to K-Solv, at about the two-hour mark of the colossal blaze, no workers at the chemical plant have been seriously injured or killed. The company maintains that all of its workers are accounted for as of this time. While there may be certainty about accounting for employees, firefighters at the scene of the K-Solv chemical plant fire…

Devastating Magellan Midstream Tank Farm Explosion Injures at Least Seven, Some Severely

A catastrophic Corpus Christi explosion injured at least seven people Saturday morning at the Magellan Midstream tank farm. Corpus Christi Fire Chief Robert Rocha advised that the fire itself has been contained. Nonetheless, search and rescue efforts continued at the Magellan tank farm Saturday afternoon. While seven individuals had been transported to area medical centers, there is no certainty that all workers and others at the tank farm have been accounted for at this time. Chief Rocha made clear that…

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