Some Say Coal-Power Pollution More Deadly

According to recently published reports, U.S. coal-fired power plant pollution is linked to the deaths of as many as 34,000 people each year.

The study, released by the Civil Society Institute in Washington and prepared by Synapse Energy Economics Inc., shows that the health cost of burning coal are more deadly than previously thought, reports say.

Deaths ranging from 8,000 to 34,000 have been reported, with a "cost on society" of $64-billion to $272 billion, or a cost four times more expensive than that of electricity, reports say. The group also states that more than 40-trillion gallons of water are withdrawn from surface and groundwater a year from the production and/or burning of coal, and that approximately

100 million tons of toxic coal waste is dumped. The study also states that more than two-billion tons of carbon dioxide is emitted from coal production or use, which then causes global climate change, destruction of coastal regions and the possible extinction of perhaps 20 percent of plant and animal species, reports say.

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