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Ohio Train Explosion Accident: Derailment May Lead to Serious Health Risks

Residents in and around the town of East Palestine, Ohio, fear for the health of their families following the derailment of a train carrying highly toxic chemicals earlier this month. The train in question derailed at East Palestine, resulting in multiple cars being violently thrown off the tracks, including at least 20 tanker units that carried a highly toxic, combustible, and potentially deadly chemicals that included vinyl chloride. Information on the number of cars carrying harmful substances was provided by…

Missouri Amtrak Derailment Called Mass Casualty Event

An Amtrak train experienced a catastrophic derailment early Thursday afternoon which is being classified as a possible mass casualty event. The entire Amtrak train, carrying about 250 passengers, was completely upended in a collision with a cement truck that blocked the railway tracks. The seemingly deadly Missouri Amtrak derailment occurred in the western part of the Show Me state in Chariton County. A mass casualty event typically involves a minimum of six people killed in a single incident like this…

Three Killed in Amtrak Train Accident

At least three passengers are reported dead in an Amtrak train accident that occurred Saturday, September 25, in Montana. A yet to be determined number of passengers and crew members were injured in the derailment of the Seattle-bound Empire Building train. Amtrak has verified that eight cars on the train derailed. The Amtrak tarin accident occurred late Saturday afternoon near the town of Joplin, Montana. 141 passengers were on board the train, together with 16 crew members. Amtrak issued a…

Two Dead Following AMTRAK Accident in South Carolina

For the third time in as many months, an AMTRAK passenger train has been involved in a fatal accident. In this week’s post, our train accident injury lawyer will review the known facts of the most recent accident before explaining the legal rights of accident victims and the compensation that may be available to the families of those who suffered fatal injuries. The Facts of The Train Crash As with any public transportation accident, initial reports are often inaccurate. However,…

Monorail Crash Kills Disney Train Operator

A 21-year-old operator of the monorail at Walt Disney World died recently when the monorail he was piloting crashed into another train. Reports say the accident happened at the Transportation and Ticket Center where Disney patrons catch the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and several Disney hotels. The operator, reported as Austin Wuennenberg, 21, of Kissimmee, was pronounced dead at the scene. Six patrons were also evaluated at the scene and released.   The two trains crashed on one…

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