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46 University of New Hampshire Fraternity Members Charged with Hazing Crimes

46 members of the University of New Hampshire Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity are being sought for arrest by law enforcement officials in Durham. The 46 men are being sought by law enforcement after being charged with crimes arising out of fraternity hazing. At the present time, no specific information regarding what types of fraternity hazing occurred in regard to pledges of the University of New Hampshire Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter. The university itself is said to have learned to the…

Military University Hazing Includes Waterboarding and Branding

An investigation has commenced into sports team hazing allegations involving the women’s rugby team at Norwich University. Norwich University is a historic military college. The sports team hazing allegations involve waterboarding and branding, according to Chief of the Northfield Police Department John Helfant. The investigation by law enforcement commenced on March 20, 2022. The investigation commenced when the police received a report that a student had been held at knifepoint in one of the dorms on the Norwich University campus….

LSU Fraternity Hazing Suspension: Frat Member Kidnapped and Assaulted

Louisiana State University has suspended the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity after an investigation into allegations of fraternity hazing. The LSU fraternity hazing allegations include: Kidnapping of a pledge Assault of a pledge Other allegations of misconduct and wrongdoing A group of SAE members kidnapped and assaulted an active member of the organization as part of an initiation process. Specifics have not been released to the public as of this time. The kidnapping and assault incident occurred on October 18,…

University of Kansas Buries Fraternity Hazing Report

Directly after the beginning of 2022, the University of Kansas suspended two Greek organizations for fraternity hazing. Lawrence, Kansas, police officials desire information about the action taken by the university. KU has taken the position that it will not share the investigation report with law enforcement. Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Delta Theta have both been suspended by KU for five years. University administration suspended these organizations as the result of fraternity hazing incidents. Examples of the fraternity hazing that…

University of Mississippi Frat Members Accused of Cyberstalking

A pledge who reported fraternity hazing at the University of Mississippi Pi Kappa Alpha chapter now claims members of that Greek organization have been cyberstalking him. In fact, the fraternity cyberstalking evidently has been so severe that members of the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter have been arrested and charged with crimes. These arrests are only the latest University of Mississippi fraternity hazing incidents that have come to light. Seven University of Mississippi Pi Kappa Alpha Members Arrested In regard to…

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