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Massive Fire Destroys Nashville Apartment Building

A massive fire of yet to be determined causes completely destroyed the Brentwood Oaks Apartments in the Nippers Corner district of Nashville, Tennessee. The fire was so huge it could be seen from a considerable distance. A large plume of smoke dominated the skyline during and for a period following the blaze. A total of 18 individual apartments were destroyed in the Nashville fire. A yet to be determined number of residents have been impacted by the fire. No fatalities…

Catastrophic Colorado Steel Mill Explosion Injures Seven Workers, Three Critically

A Colorado steel mill explosion has sent seven workers to the hospital, three with critical injuries according to plant officials. The initial prognosis for all of the injured workers is that they are expected to survive. The most seriously injured workers suffered from respiratory system damage as well as burns.   Severe Injuries, Extensive Damage Caused by Colorado Steel Mill Explosion  The furnace blast at the EVRAZ steel mill, located in Pueblo, Colorado, occurred Saturday night. Firefighters arrived soon after…

Defective 3M Combat Earplugs Cause Permanent Injury to Veterans

An increasing number of veterans are coming forward in regard to injuries they’ve sustained as the result of using 3M combat earplugs while in the service. Veterans maintain that they’ve suffered permanent injury by using the 3M combat earplugs. On a few occasions, some servicemembers were able to obtain some relief to issues they believe were caused by the use of 3M combat earplugs. The majority of members of the armed services that used the 3M combat earplugs who report…

Louisiana Gulf Coast Gas Well Explosion Injures at Least Seven Workers

A Gulf Coast gas well owned by Texas Petroleum Investment Company exploded Tuesday, injuring at least seven workers, four seriously. The blast occurred just off the coast of Louisiana in the Belle Isle Field, which is located near St. Mary Parish in Louisiana. The explosion accident involved a gas well that technically had been abandoned by Texas Petroleum Investment Company. Contractors had been hired by the owner to plug the well. Work on plugging the well commenced on Sunday, a…

10 Commonly Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

One of the more commonplace causes of medical malpractice in the United States is misdiagnosis of a health condition, disease, illness or ailment. There are 10 commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions that form the basis of medical malpractice claims: Cancer Heart attack Stroke Fibromyalgia Depression Thyroid conditions Aortic dissection Pulmonary embolism Celiac disease Lyme disease Cancer Cancer is misdiagnosed at an alarming rate in the United States. According to the highly regarded Journal of Clinical Oncology, cancer misdiagnosis in the country…

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