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Austin Must Change Residential Building Safety Practices to Keep Texans Safe

The catastrophic South Florida condominium building collapse of earlier this summer has prompted communities across the United States to take a closer look at the structural integrity of high-rise edifices, particularly those designed for residential living. Concerns over the safety of high-rise apartment and condominium buildings has extended to many locales in the state of Texas, including the Lone Star State capital city of Austin. Building experts in Austin have made it abundantly clear that proactive inspections are more important…

Car Driver Short Term Memory Loss Leaves Motorcyclists at Greater Risk on the Road

Distracted Driving and Immediate Memory Loss Ups Rate of Biker Deaths Between 4,300 to 4,800 motorcyclists are killed annually in accidents across the United States. Thousands more sustain injuries in bike accidents, including highly serious and even debilitating injuries. A considerable percentage of these accidents involve automobile drivers colliding with bikers. Of that number, an alarming number of motorcyclists are killed or injured at intersections when car drivers without the right of way collide with bikers. These are some of…

Red Light Runner Causes Austin Auto Fatality

Austin suffered its 12th traffic fatality in March when Betty Louise Scott, 35, was killed in a collision at North IH 35 and East US Hwy 290 at the end of March. The preliminary investigation shows that a blue Oldsmobile was traveling eastbound on US Hwy 290 and a silver Toyota Camry was traveling southbound on IH 35. Evidently, one of the vehicles ran the red light causing the collision in the intersection. Scott was ejected from the Oldsmobile and…

Man Drowns in Lake Travis

  A man drowned late last year in Lake Travis while parting on the water on what’s referred to as a “party barge.”   The accident, which occurred in the water off of Hi Line Drive in Hudson Bend near Carlos and Charlie’s, happened when the victim, 32-year-old Paul Mathis, jumped into the lake to cool off. Although he was wearing a personal flotation device when he entered the water, he did not appear on the surface after going in….

Man Falls from Second Deck Trying to Catch a Foul Ball

Stretching for a foul ball a Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, a man fell from the second deck into the field level seats. The man fell during the fifth inning of a game between the Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers last summer. The incident occurred when Texas right fielder Nelson Cruz fouled a ball into the first row of seats along the first-base line. He simply leaned too far off the club level seat and toppled onto the seats below,…

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