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Toy Injury Lawyer

Obtain Justice with a Skilled Toy Injury Lawyer Approximately 220,000 children are admitted into hospitals for toy-related injuries according to John Hopkins University School of Medicine. There is a spike in the number of children who are brought to hospital emergency rooms during the wintertime holiday season. A couple of dozen children die annually because of toy injuries, also according to John Hopkins. A parent of a child who has suffered a toy injury needs to understand what remedies are…

Sandra Bland Wrongful Death

Jail Wrongful Death and Jail Personal Injury Cases Each and every year, media stories report incidents in which bereaved family members are taking legal action in response to loved ones dying in custody while being held in jails across the United States. In a striking number of cases, individuals die while locked in jail due to negligent or reckless conduct by staff members. In addition, there are cases in which people die while incarcerated because of abusive conduct by jail…

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