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Can You Safely Drive a Car After a Collision?

Getting into an accident often leads to a significant number of immediate questions right after the incident occurs, not the least of which is, “Can I safely drive my vehicle after the crash?” The reality is that it is generally unsafe to operate a vehicle after a collision occurs unless the incident was extremely minor. Often, there are issues with the vehicle that make it incredibly unsafe to operate, even for short distances, after a collision. If you’ve been in…

How is a Texas Car Accident Settlement Calculated?

If you or a loved one sustain injuries or property damage after a vehicle accident caused by the actions of another driver, you will likely be able to recover various types of compensation for your losses. This includes coverage of medical expenses, property damage losses, rental vehicle coverage, lost wage recovery, and more. However, it can be confusing to understand how car accident settlements are calculated, particularly when you start the negotiation process with the insurance carrier. A car accident…

Will an Insurance Company Cover Rental Car Costs After a Crash in Texas?

After sustaining property damage in a vehicle accident, you may need a rental car to hold you over until your vehicle gets fixed or until you find a replacement vehicle. However, rental vehicles can become expensive very quickly. Insurance coverage may pay for rental vehicle expenses after an accident. Determining which insurance carrier pays for the rental vehicle costs will revolve around liability for the incident. A car accident lawyer in Houston can help you work through your case after…

Will Insurance Costs Increase After Filing a Car Accident Claim?

After a vehicle accident occurs and you file an insurance claim, you are probably like the rest of us, holding your breath and hoping the insurance carrier does not raise your premiums. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for insurance carriers to raise the overall cost of your policy, even if you did not cause the collision. If you’ve been in a collision, a car accident lawyer in Houston may be able to help. Why Would Rates Increase After a Collision…

Does Texas Have Personal Injury Damage Caps?

Sustaining an injury caused by the actions of someone else can lead to devastating financial consequences. Personal injury victims are often able to recover compensation through an insurance settlement or as a result of a Houston personal injury lawsuit filed against another party. In these cases, the compensation is designed to make the injury victim “whole.” However, there are limitations on certain types of damages in Texas. What is a “Damage Cap” in Texas? The term “damage cap” is just…

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