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Commercial Truck Accidents and Permanent Disabilities

There are about three million commercial trucks on the roadways of the United States at this juncture in time, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Thousands of these big rigs are involved in accidents each year, many in collisions with passenger automobiles. The reality is that a collision between a semi-truck and a passenger car can have truly devastating consequences, and nearly always for the individuals in the automobile. Fatality rates associated with commercial truck accidents are high. In…

How to Document the scene of a Truck Accident

One of the most horrific types of automobile accidents are those involving collisions with big-rigs or commercial trucks. The consequences of a commercial truck accident can be profound. Fatalities are common. Like-altering injuries are a likely result. Understanding the ramifications of a semi-truck accident, key steps in protecting your legal rights and interests actually occur at the scene of the accident itself. With that noted, the reality is that a person involved in a commercial truck accident very well may…

What is “Common Law,” and Why is it Important in Personal Injury Cases?

A personal injury and accident lawyer explains the concept of “Common Law” as it applies to personal injury lawsuits. Our American legal system is built on two “types” or “systems” of law: statutory law, law that is in writing and “on the books” and the “common law” that is based on the past decisions of various courts. In today’s post, a Houston personal injury attorney explains the differences between these types of law and how each may apply. Statutory Law…

Do I File a Lawsuit in a State or a Federal Court?

Although many lawsuits are decided in state courts there are several situations that can lead to the case being “removed” from a state court to a federal court. In these situations, an accident lawyer will have the training and experience to either fight an attempt to move the case to the federal level or to accept such a move as being in the best interests of his client.

Is There a “Duty to Rescue”?

Among scholars of law there is some degree of disagreement regarding the responsibility of an individual to render aid to an accident victim. One school of thought holds that an individual is not obligated, and cannot be compelled by force of law, to give assistance to another under emergency conditions. Another line of thought holds that everyone is obligated to render aid so long as they act within the bounds of their training and experience. In today’s post our Houston…

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