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Christmastime Railroad Accidents Result in Large Derailments, Hazardous Chemical Spills

Two major railroad accidents occurred in the United States at Christmastime, resulting in multiple car derailments and the release of hazardous chemicals. A primary issue associated with train derailments is hazardous chemical spills that can not only harm the environment but present a very real risk to the health and welfare of rail crews and members of the general public. The first of the massive railroad derailments occurred in Iowa during the Christmas holiday and involved train heading into the…

Railroad Company Expresses Resistance to Expensive Safety Technology

Attempts are under way to enforce the installment of safety devices in railroad systems throughout the country. The innovative technology known as Positive Train Control (PTC) uses wireless communications, GPS devices, and central control centers to automatically deploy the use of a braking system on a train that is in imminent danger of crashing or derailing. This is a life-saving technological advance that could drastically change the course of railroad industry development from here on out. In fact, reports show…

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