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One Killed, Four Injured in Nebraska Ethanol Plant Explosion

One worker died and four others were injured in an explosion at an ethanol plant in eastern Nebraska. The explosion was reported Monday afternoon at a Green Plains ethanol plant in Wood River, which is about 160 miles west of Omaha. The Nebraska State Fire Marshal Agency said firefighters found a liquid holding tank that had been damaged in the explosion at the plant, which makes the highly flammable fuel additive. There was no fire when they arrived. One worker…

Two Killed, Three Injured in Medley, Florida Industrial Explosion

Two workers were killed and three others were injured in a devastating Medley, Florida industrial explosion that occurred on Tuesday morning, February 21, 2023. The deadly blast occurred at 8:40 a.m. at a welding facility in Medley, a community located 14 miles northwest of Miami. When the massive explosion occurred, a huge ball of fire could be seen from a great distance rising over the industrial site. This was followed by an ever-expanding, billowing cloud of thick black smoke spread…

Unanswered Questions Abound Following Explosion at Freeport LNG Export Terminal

A myriad of questions remains unanswered following an explosion at the Freeport LNG Export Terminal early Wednesday afternoon. Located on Quintana Island in Upper Texas, the Freeport LNG Export Terminal produced about 2 billion cubic feet of liquified natural gas daily prior to the blast. A Look at Questions Associated with Freeport LNG Export Terminal Explosion Unanswered questions arising from the Freeport LNG Export Terminal explosion as of midafternoon on the day of the blast include: Were any injuries sustained…

Investigation Begins to Shed Light on Eagle, Wisconsin Industrial Explosion and Fire

An investigation is ongoing a few days following the catastrophic fire that destroyed the Summerset Marine Construction facility in Eagle Wisconsin. Many questions remain unanswered about the cause of the Eagle Wisconsin industrial fire as of Sunday following the May 19 fire that destroyed the industrial facility. Three workers at the plant were injured in the blast. In addition, a trio of firefighters also sustained injures while fighting the raging inferno. The entire Summerset Marine Construction facility was destroyed in…

Louisiana Chemical Plant Explosion Injures Six

Westlake Chemical Plant Explosion Lawyer – Call Us at (800) 349-0000 Six workers were injured in a Louisiana chemical plant explosion on Wednesday in Lake Charles. The Louisiana chemical plant explosion occurred at the Westlake Chemical South facility. Five of the six people injured in the blast have been transported to area hospitals. One of the workers suffered less severe injuries and was able to be treated on location. Preliminary information is now available in regard the cause of the…

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