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What Age Demographic is at the Highest Risk of Drowning?

Information available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that there are approximately 4,000 fatal unintentional drownings and 8,000 non-fatal drownings that occur each year across the country. While individuals of any age range are susceptible to drowning incidents, there are certain age ranges more at risk than others. Particularly, children aged 1 through 14 face the most risks of any other age group. If your family experiences an incident, call our Houston drowning accident lawyer. Children…

Leading Causes of Drowning Incidents

Drowning incidents can affect individuals of all ages, and they can happen in any body of water. There are various causes of drowning incidents that are more common than others. Here, we want to review some of these leading causes of drowning incidents, and we hope this information gives individuals and families the information they need to begin their water safety planning. If your family experiences an incident, call our Houston drowning accident attorney for assistance with your case. The…

6-Year-Old Boy Dies in St. Louis Summer Camp Drowning Accident

A 6-year-old boy lost his life in a St. Louis summer camp drowning accident. The accident occurred at the Kennedy Recreation Center in South County. The boy’s tragic death marked the first person to die by drowning in the St. Louis County pool since it opened in 1974. The specifics surrounding the St. Louis summer camp drowning accident remain unclear. Local police are investigating the drowning death and have been tight lipped thus far about the matter. The Doan Law…

4-Year-Old Girl Dies in Texas City Apartment Drowning Accident

Texans from across the Lone Star State are spending significant time in pools as a means of escaping a particularly hot summer. Unfortunately, each week our apartment drowning accident lawyer team is learning of tragic incidents in which people, particularly children, are losing their lives in swimming pools. One such horrific death involved a 4-year-old girl who lost her life in a Texas City apartment drowning accident. Police Launch Investigation into Texas City Apartment Drowning Accident Many questions remain unanswered…

647 Die from Drowning Everyday Worldwide

Important Strategies to Keep Safe An estimated 236,000 men, women, and children die in drowning accidents every year around the world. That number breaks down to 647 global drowning deaths each day. In the United States, an overage of 3,960 unintentional drowning deaths occur annually, or approximately 11 drowning fatalities a day across the country. States with the Most Deadly Drowning Accidents in the U.S.A. The states with the most drowning deaths per capita in the U.S.A. are: Alaska Hawaii…

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