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How Hazing Affects College and University Student Athletes

A growing number of college and university athletic programs are under scrutiny as a result of allegations of insidious hazing. At the present time, athletic programs at Boston College, New Mexico State University, and Northwestern University are but three institutions of higher learning in the United States that are dealing with hazing allegations within their athletic programs. The stark reality is that athletic hazing is occurring at an untold number of colleges and universities at this juncture in time. There are a…

Widespread Issues Behind UPS Truck Accidents

UPS dominates the roadways when it comes to delivery companies operating across the United States. While we benefit from the services of this company, UPS is responsible for tragic accidents each and every year. For example, in 2022 approximately 500 accidents were caused by UPS drivers. A majority of these accidents resulted in injuries. UPS caused accidents that resulted in at least 10 deaths in 2022. Coming to a complete understanding of these alarming statistics necessitates a discussion of the…

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