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Dead Zones USA:

Top Cancerous Air Pollution Areas in the United States An extensive analysis has identified over 1,000 communities in the United States that are classified as hotspots for carcinogenic or cancer-causing air pollution. These sites suffer from carcinogenic air pollution as the result of leaks from industrial facilities of different types. There are some key facts derived from the dead zone report: Five of the top 20 carcinogenic hot spots in the country are located in the state of Texas Three…

California Oil Spill Threatens Businesses, Fishermen

Over144,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California, closing beaches and threatening marine and other wildlife. In addition, the most recent oil spill along the California shoreline presents the possibility of dire consequences for coastal commercial fishers as well as a myriad of business that rely upon tourism for their trade and livelihood. Cause and Containment of the California Oil Spill Not only are ocean waters murky as a result of the…

Massive Explosion Accident Takes Out 14 Oil Storage Tanks

A massive explosion accident sent 14 oil storage tanks up in flames near New Town, North Dakota, this week. An investigation is underway regarding the underlying cause of the blast. Fortunately, no one was killed or appeared to be injured in the New Town explosion accident. The oil storage tank facility is owned and operate by Slawson Exploration Company. Firefighters were at the scene directly after the explosion. Officials explained that the plan of action was to permit the blaze…

Christmastime Railroad Accidents Result in Large Derailments, Hazardous Chemical Spills

Two major railroad accidents occurred in the United States at Christmastime, resulting in multiple car derailments and the release of hazardous chemicals. A primary issue associated with train derailments is hazardous chemical spills that can not only harm the environment but present a very real risk to the health and welfare of rail crews and members of the general public. The first of the massive railroad derailments occurred in Iowa during the Christmas holiday and involved train heading into the…

Oil Giant Hedging Its Oil Slick Bets

Oil giant BP  is already shifting emphasis on staving off disaster by reportedly pushing commercial fishermen to sign settlement agreements capping any claims against the oil giant at $5,000. Last week, the Alabama attorney general reportedly ordered BP to stop distributing agreements to Alabama’s fishermen, advising the fishermen to proceed with caution and understand the ramifications before signing any agreement. In addition, BP has reportedly caused problems with fishermen, who they had enlisted to help in the cleanup for their…

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