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Four Victims of Astroworld Festival Disaster Named

Danish Baig. John Hilgert. Franco Patino. Brianna Rodriguez. In the aftermath of a mass casualty event like the Astroworld Festival, the sheer number of deceased and injured victims can prove overwhelming. Behind the numbers from the Astroworld Festival are eight young people who’ve tragically lost their lives. All of the individuals who suffered fatal injuries at the tragic concert at Houston NRG Park are in their 20s or teens. Three of those who lost their lives at Astroworld Festival have…

Return to the Air, Return to the Road, Back to Hotels: Common Hotel Accidents Resulting in Injury

A considerable percentage of the U.S. population enjoys traveling. Additionally, historically there has been a significant segment of the working world that traveled for business. There was a significant pause and reduction in pleasure and business travel over the course of the past year. With the spring of 2021, an increase in travel is being seen. This trend is expected to continue as more people become vaccinated against COVID-19. With increased travel comes more and more people spending time in…

Deadly Vegas Roadway Shenanigans Result in Two Violent Deaths

The folks that market Las Vegas likely as a tourist destination would prefer that news of this horrific chain of events stayed in that city. The deadly sequence started on an otherwise ordinary Vegas Sunday when two men took to the streets of the gambling mecca in a van intent on “pranking” passersby. The two men took to the crowded streets of Las Vegas with trouble in mind. As the two 20-something men drove around the city, the passenger would…

Injuries During School-Sponsored Athletics

My Child was Injured During School-Sponsored Athletics: What are My Options? Team sports are a part of the after-school social life at practically every school in the country. However, these activities also carry the risk of injury to the participant. In this article, the personal injury accident lawyer at the Doan Law Firm explains the legal options that may be available to the parents whose children were injured while participating in school-sponsored team sports. Can a school be sued if…

Alabama Football Hazing Incident

14-Year-Old Injured in High School Football Hazing Attack In other blogs posted on this site, we have discussed the problem of hazing by college fraternities. In the past week, another report of hazing that resulted in a serious injury has emerged, only this incident involves a high school football team rather than a college fraternity. In today’s post, the fraternity hazing lawyer at the Doan Law Firm will discuss this incident and then explain the possible legal options that may…

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