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Can Bad Weather Impact a Texas Car Accident Claim?

Car accidents happen within seconds, and many occur during normal weather. Inclement weather makes road conditions hazardous. Sunshine can also cause dangerous conditions impacting your visibility. Rain, ice, and snow make slippery roads causing drivers to lose control. Since we cannot control the weather, many accident victims assume they cannot get compensation for their losses. Insurance companies can handle claims involving weather. You should discuss your options with a car accident lawyer in Houston from The Doan Law Firm PLLC. …

Understanding Texas Right-of-Way Laws

When you get your driver’s license, you must take a test to ensure you know the traffic laws. Accepting your license means you agree to follow the law. If drivers do not follow the law, they will face steep penalties. One law that often confuses drivers is right-of-way laws. It is crucial to always adhere to the right-of-way laws. You must speak to a Houston car accident attorney from The Doan Law Firm PLLC if a driver violates these laws…

Can a Car Accident Cause Paraplegia or Quadriplegia?

Car accidents can have many consequences. When there is a severe accident, it can lead to paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia. Any form of spinal cord damage can result in lifelong injuries. Thousands of people are injured in car accidents annually, which are a frequent cause of paralysis. Some of these injuries heal fully over time while others do not. After receiving medical attention, speak to a Houston car accident lawyer at The Doan Law Firm PLLC today.  What is Paraplegia?…

How Skin Grafts Are Used to Treat Serious Burn Injuries

When you suffer a burn, it is a challenge to heal it. First-degree burns can sometimes heal independently. Other burns will require medical attention, such as skin grafts. After a burn, the skin can make new skin cells to replace damaged tissue. Severe burns need additional help to heal. Skin grafts can help minor or severe burns. These procedures are painful and costly. You must discuss your compensation options with a Houston burn injury lawyer at The Doan Law Firm…

What Types of Burn Injuries Can a Car Accident Cause?

Fires can happen in many ways. While uncommon, they can occur after a car accident. The American Burn Association reports 480,000 burn injuries annually, requiring emergency treatment. Many burn injuries happen from electrical, chemical, or fire flame incidents. You can survive a burn, but it will leave long-lasting impacts. You can suffer permanent scarring or disability from these burns. Treatment for burns is excruciating and costly. Talk to a Houston burn injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm PLLC for…

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