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Halloween Haunted House Injuries: Your Legal Rights

Halloween Haunted House Injuries: Your Legal Rights Halloween season will soon be upon us. If you are like many people, adults and children alike, you very well may elect to visit a haunted house. These venues typically are fun and entertaining. However, each and every Halloween season, patrons of haunted houses are injured, and sometimes seriously. In addition, there are also instances when a person is killed while visiting a haunted house because of the negligence of the operator of…

Hoilday Season Traffic Accident

Protecting Your Legal Rights After a Holiday Season Automobile Accident Automobile accidents spike during major holidays. Car accidents during the holiday season an change a family forever. Because of the profound consequences of being involved in a car accident, a person should not avoid understanding some of the basic elements of this case. Two primary reasons exist for the increase in automobile accidents during holidays: more drivers on the road more intoxicated motorists on the road Consequently, if a person…

Distracted Car Accident

Overview of Car Accident Injuries Caused by a Distracted Driver The incidence of distracted drivers that results in automobile accidents is a significant problem on United States roadways at this juncture in time. Primary causes of distracted driving include: texting talking on phone talking to a passanger eating and drinking looking in the mirror A person injured due to a distracted driver needs to keep some essential information in mind. By understanding some of these basic facts and factors, an…

Samsung Galaxy Note Explosion

Protect Your Rights with a Skilled Samsung Galaxy Note Explosion Injury Lawyer At the beginning of September, Samsung announced an exchange program for its popular Galaxy Note 7. Issues regarding the battery installed in the Galaxy Note 7 overheating and exploding caused concern among some consumers and the corporate leadership at Samsung. The stark reality is that overheating and exploding batteries can cause serious injuries and extensive property damage. As the days passed, the risks associated with overheating and exploding…

Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Protecting Your Rights After a Slip and Fall Accident Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of people seek legal representation from a personal injury lawyer for injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident. In some cases, there individuals have sustained very serious injuries. If you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall case in someone else’s property, you may have questions about your rights. There is some basic information you need to understand about a personal injury…

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