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Samsung Galaxy Note Explosion

Protect Your Rights with a Skilled Samsung Galaxy Note Explosion Injury Lawyer

At the beginning of September, Samsung announced an exchange program for its popular Galaxy Note 7. Issues regarding the battery installed in the Galaxy Note 7 overheating and exploding caused concern among some consumers and the corporate leadership at Samsung.

The stark reality is that overheating and exploding batteries can cause serious injuries and extensive property damage. As the days passed, the risks associated with overheating and exploding batteries utilized in the Galaxy Note 7 became more obvious.

Power Down Your Galaxy Note 7 Device Immediately

Within a week, Samsung recognized that the situation with the Galaxy Note 7 was not isolated by any stretch of the imagination. The company’s President of Mobile Communications Business made a very terse announcement about the dangers of the Galaxy Note 7:

“Our number one priority is the safety of our customers. We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note7s and exchange them as soon as possible.”

Samsung has directed owners and users of the Galaxy Note 7 to shut down the device for good and take it back to the appropriate retailer. Further information is expected to be forthcoming on reimbursing consumers or offering a trade-in for a safe device.

Airline Bans

The situation with the exploding batteries is so significant that a growing number of major airlines are banning the Galaxy Note 7 all together from their flights. Other airlines have taken something of an interim step and are encouraging people to voluntarily leave the Galaxy Note 7 behind. The Federal Aviation Administration advises against using or charging the Galaxy Note 7 while inflight.

Low-Quality Batteries in Galaxy Note 7 Devices

At the heart of the overheating and exploding phone situation is low-quality batteries Samsung elected to utilize in the Galaxy Note 7. These batteries, perhaps by design, are susceptible to overheating and exploding when subjected to heavy use and regular recharging. In the final analysis, nearly all smartphone users utilize their devices heavily and recharge frequently.

Potential Injuries with Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Because of the manner in which the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is utilized, a person can suffer severe injuries to his or her face. These can include very serious burns, broken facial bones and damage to a person’s eyes, including blinding. Injuries can be severe with a user’s hands and arm.

Exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices can result in permanent injuries. Oftentimes, when a person must undergo many painful surgeries.

Property Damage and Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices can also result in serious property damage. Depending on when and where the explosion occurs, the net effect of the event can be significant personal property destruction as well as damage to the residence of business where the device happens to be located at the time of the overheating and explosion.

Damages Associated with Service Interruption

Many people rely on their Galaxy Note 7 devices for business or professional purposes. A possibility may exist that because of the situation with the exploding batteries may interrupt a person’s business or professional like through no fault of his or her own. This is a claim that may be able to made in some cases even if the device itself does not end up exploding and causing other types of losses, including personal injuries.

When Did Samsung Know of Possible Battery Problems?

A question that must be raised by a Samsung Galaxy Note explosion injury lawyer is when did Samsung know of possible battery problems. If it can be demonstrated that Samsung knew the risks of installing cheap batteries into their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, the liability of the corporation to an injured person becomes more clearly connected.

Did Samsung Properly Advise Consumers on Risks?

Another question a Samsung Galaxy Note explosion injury lawyer must consider in regard to a person injured by a device explosion is were consumers properly advised of risks associated with the product. Samsung does have an obligation to advise consumers of reasonably foreseeable risks associated with their products, including the Galaxy Note 7.

Who Else May be Responsible?

Samsung may not be the only entity responsible for injuries caused by an exploding Galaxy Note 7. The manufacturer of the battery may also bear responsibility for an injured person’s losses. A Samsung Galaxy Note explosion injury lawyer can identify all parties with potential responsibility for the exploding devices.

Types of Compensation for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

A Samsung Galaxy Note explosion injury lawyer will advise a client of the array of different types of compensable losses potentially available in an explosion case. These losses include:

  • mediclal bills
  • pain and suffering
  • lost wages
  • emotional suffering
  • property damage
  • permanent injury

In addition to compensation for current injuries and losses, an injured person may be entitled to future compensation as well. An attorney from The Doan Law Firm can explain how and when a person may be entitled to future compensation in a case involving an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Retain Samsung Galaxy Note Explosion Injury Lawyer

A person injured because of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion needs to obtain legal representation promptly. This situation is poised to become a major problem for Samsung, and perhaps the battery manufacturer. An injured individual cannot delay in retaining an experienced Samsung Galaxy Note explosion injury lawyer, like a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm.

A Samsung Galaxy Note explosion injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm will schedule an initial consultation with an injured individual by calling (800) 349-0000. At an initial consultation, a personal injury attorney will discuss possible strategies to optimize compensation in a case.

The appointment can be held at one of conveniently located offices of The Doan Law Firm, at a person’s home, or even at a hospital, depending on his or her circumstances. There is no charge for an initial consultation with a Samsung Galaxy Note explosion injury attorney from The Doan Law Firm.

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